28 July, 2022

What is the PMI-ACP? The Agile Certified Professional | Video

PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) is PMI’s certification for Agile Practitioners. They designed it to demonstrate deep knowledge of Agile principles and methods. So, What is the PMI-ACP?

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PMI-ACP Syllabus

The PMI-ACP has a very broad Agile syllabus, covering 7 Domains and a large range of Agile tools.

Domain I. Agile Principles and Mindset 
(9 tasks)

Agile principles and mindset within the context of the project team and organization.

Domain II. Value-Driven Delivery 
(4 sub-domains, 14 tasks)

Deliver valuable results from high-value increments for review, early and often, based on stakeholder priorities. Have the stakeholders provide feedback on these increments, and use feedback to prioritize and improve future increments.

Domain III. Stakeholder Engagement 
(3 sub-domains, 9 tasks)

Engage interested parties by building a trusting environment that aligns their needs and expectations and balances their requests with an understanding of the cost/effort involved. Promote participation and collaboration throughout the project life cycle and provide the tools for effective and informed decision-making.

Domain IV. Team Performance 
(3 sub-domains, 9 tasks)

Create an environment of trust, learning, collaboration, and conflict resolution that promotes team self-organization, enhances relationships among team members, and cultivates a culture of high performance.

Domain V. Adaptive Planning 
(3 sub-domains, 10 tasks)

Produce and maintain an evolving plan, from initiation to closure, based on goals, values, risks, constraints, stakeholder feedback, and review findings.

Domain VI. Problem Detection and Resolution 
(5 tasks)

Continuously identify problems, impediments, and risks; prioritize and resolve in a timely manner; monitor and communicate the problem resolution status; and implement process improvements to prevent them from occurring again.

Domain VII. Continuous Improvement (Product, Process, People) 
(6 tasks)

Continuously improve the quality, effectiveness, and value of the product, the process, and the team.

Plus knowledge of a range of Agile tools for:

  • Analysis and Design
  • Estimation
  • Communications
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Metrics
  • Planning, Monitoring, and Adapting
  • Process improvement
  • Product quality
  • Risk Management
  • Value-based prioritization

Which Agile Methodology does PMI-ACP Use?

The PMI-ACP spans many approaches to agile such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean, extreme programming (XP) and test-driven development (TDD.) 

Prerequisites for PMI-ACP

  • Secondary degree, high-school diploma or local equivalent
  • 21 contact hours of training in agile practices
  • 12 months of general project experience within the last 5 years. A current PMP® or PgMP® will satisfy this requirement but is not required to apply for the PMI-ACP.
  • 8 months of agile project experience within the last 3 years

These requirements can change from time-to-time, so do check on the PMI’s website.

The PMI-ACP Exam and CPD Process

The certification exam has 120 multiple-choice questions and you have three hours to complete it.

To maintain your PMI-ACP, you must earn 30 professional development units (PDUs) in agile topics every three years.

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