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What is Program Management? | Video

What is Program Management?

Program Management…
For some it’s a wholly new discipline: for others, it’s a natural growth from Project Management – maybe even ‘grown-up’ project management.

So, what is Program Management? In this video, I’ll answer that question.

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So, what is Program Management?

We need to start by understanding what a Program is.

A Program…

(UK Spelling: Programme)

The temporary organization that oversees a variety of related projects, operational activities, and initiatives.

Projects within a program are related by dependencies among one or more of:

  • Common resource pool
  • Inter-related goals, objectives, and outcomes
  • Scheduling or budgetary constraints

The program brings them all together in a coordinated manner – and typically lasts longer than the span of the longest project, as components are scheduled and sequenced to overlap, but not to all run concurrently.

The outcomes of a program are usually of strategic importance to the enterprise.

Program Management

(UK Spelling: Programme Management)

Coordination, leadership, and implementation of a program of inter-related projects and activities. The goal of program management is to realize the benefits forecast for the program.

Program Management Pyramid

Mission and vision

  • give purpose and aspiration


  • moves the organization towards its mission and vision
  • gives direction


  • translates strategy into initiatives
  • gives structure and priorities
  • does so by alignment and prioritization of initiatives & projects
  • builds value for the organization


  • delivers a chunk of a portfolio
  • gives benefits to the organization

Projects / Initiatives

  • build into program
  • deliver outcomes

Key Concerns of Program Management

  1. Management
  2. Leadership
  3. Benefits
  4. Approach
  5. Risk-reward balance
  6. Resources
  7. Capabilities
  8. Communications

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