13 April, 2023

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? | Video

In this video, I want to answer the question, what is Artificial Intelligence? 2023 is the Year of Artificial Intelligence in Project Management, at OnlinePMCourses.

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

This is how I define Artificial Intelligence, in my eBook, Decode the Jargon of Artificial Intelligence:

Systems or machines that are programmed to mimic aspects of human intelligence to perform tasks. 

Typically, AI systems can iteratively improve the way they operate, based on new data.

AI systems interpret data and use that interpretation to direct useful action.

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So, let’s break this definition down.

Artificial Intelligence Mimics Human Intelligence

Firstly, Artificial Intelligence is a product of programming machines – computers. The computers tend to be powerful and rely on vast data sets. Some forms of AI use types of computer architecture and programming that is very different from the type of computers we use every day.

But the essence is that they are designed to do tasks that, up until recently, only people have been able to do.

Artificial Intelligence is Capable of Learning

Secondly, AI systems can iteratively improve the way they operate is a way of saying that AI systems can learn. They can do this in one of two basic ways. They either combine, classify, and analyze data in a familiar way but at a massive scale. This is known as Machine Learning

Alternatively, instead of using computer programs (or algorithms), some AI computers are configured in a way that simulates nerve cells in the human brain. This forms a ‘neural network’. Neural Network computers can assimilate data and form patterns without humans guiding them in any way. This is known as Deep Learning.

Artificial Intelligence can Create a Human-Machine Multiplier Effect

Thirdly, we create AI systems to use data to serve our needs. In this way, they supplement what we are capable of doing. This is sometimes called the Human-Machine Multiplier Effect.

Redefining Artificial Intelligence

And therefore, AI is perhaps best defined by what it can do.

Examples include:

  • Product recommendations
  • Translation
  • Automation
  • Data processing
  • Reading biometrics
  • Image and face recognition
  • Voice recognition
  • Image generation (and deepfakes)
  • Voice synthesis
  • Fraud detection
  • Data analysis and forecasting
  • Search results
  • Share trading
  • Chatbots and automated response
  • Expert systems

So, AI is a cluster of technologies that each go some way to being what we might describe as intelligent.

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