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Problem Solving: A Systematic Approach

Problem Solving: A Systematic Approach

One of the joys of Project Management is the constant need for problem-solving.

The novelty and uncertainty of a project environment constantly throw up surprises. So, a Project Manager needs to be adept at solving problems.

In this article, we look at problem-solving and offer you a structured, systematic approach.

PMI Talent Triangle - Technical Project Management

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Project Turnaround: How to Rescue a Failing Project

Project Turnaround: How to Rescue a Failing Project

No-one wants to have a failing project on their hands. But it happens. And the solution is ‘Project Turnaround’.

So, every Project Manager needs to know how to rescue a failing project. In this review article, we’ll talk you through the five project turnaround steps. These will let you recover your project and set it on an even keel.

‘If you’re going through hell; don’t stop.’

Origin unclear. Often (mis-)attributed to Winston Churchill

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How to Plan Your Stakeholder Engagement Campaign

As a Project manager, you need to be prepared to learn from many different places. And, from the world of marketing, you can learn a lot about how to plan your stakeholder engagement campaign.

You are a project manager. You care about getting things right. So you plan meticulously, identify threats and take steps to mitigate them. The only thing that can get in your way now is one thing: people.

What all experienced project managers know is this:

It is your stakeholders who will ultimately determine whether your project is deemed a success… or not.

So you need to be equally rigorous in planning your stakeholder engagement campaign. You will need to learn from them, build their trust, and ultimately influence their attitudes.

So what are the components of a stakeholder engagement campaign, and how can you determine the best strategy for each?

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OnlinePMCourses Guide to Project Change Control

The OnlinePMCourses Guide to Project Change Control

There’s one distinctive sign that your project is going well. A stakeholder approaches you in the corridor. ‘We’re very pleased with how your project is going…’ they say. ‘The only thing is… we’ve changed out minds.’ Oh no. This is a job for Project Change Control.

Even on the most traditional of projects, you will need to adapt to changes. They may be driven by technology, commercial opportunities, regulatory changes or a dozen more reasons. Whatever it is, you need to be flexible. And the longer your project, the bigger the need. So it pays to set up a change control process as part of your project set up. This usually happens during the planning stage, and it will serve you well, during your delivery stage.

In this giant guide, we give you everything you need to know to start setting up a robust change control process for your project.

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How to Build a Robust Project Definition [The Key Components]

Project Definition is not just the first substantial stage of your project. It is also the foundation upon which you will build your whole project.

The rewards for getting your Project Definition right are matched only by the penalties of getting it wrong.

So it’s time we took on defining your project with one of our giant guides.

Rewards for getting your #Project Definition right are matched by penalties of getting it wrong Click To Tweet

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Great Big Guide to the Project Business Case

Project Business Case

A Project Business Case sets out why you should start your project. It gives an

‘analysis of the benefits and costs of making a change to the way things are done’.

Decode the Jargon of Project Management

Your Project Business Case is therefore a tool for senior people to make an informed decision. It is a vital part of your project governance.

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The Ultimate Project Takeover Formula

The Ultimate Project Takeover Formula

It is never a good idea to takeover a project someone else has started. There is too much risk that they will not have set it up to succeed. So what should you do if you have no choice? For whatever reason, you have to engage in a project takeover, and you want to make a success of it?

Many articles focus on the first few days, but the challenge of project takeover extends beyond this. So, here,we will look at all the aspects of what you need to do, when you takeover an existing project.Continue reading…

Project Management Essentials (8-Step Template)

Project Management Essentials

So, you’ve been given a project to deliver, and you want to know: ‘what are the Project Management essentials?’

It isn’t uncommon for experienced managers and professionals to get tasked with delivering a project. Sometimes you will have done other projects before, but this one is bigger, more complex, or the consequences of success or failure are greater. Maybe you have never done a project at all, and the whole thing seems a little daunting. You need the Project Management essentials, and you need them now.

Don’t worry: that’s what we are here for. Let’s work our way through all of the Project Management essentials, one step at a time…Continue reading…

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