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The Problems of Probability

Low likelihood - High impact risk

Basic risk management is a topic that most people understand easily.  The steps are straightforward, the need is obvious and the underlying concepts are familiar.

Familiarity brings Risk

However, that familiarity poses its own, significant risk.  If the basics are simple to grasp, here is another case of “simple is not the same as easy”.  The four fundamental steps of risk management each need a lot of careful attention.  They are, in truth, rather tricky.Continue reading…

Are you a “Top-down” or a “Bottom-up” sort of Person?

Work Breakdown Structure

Detail First

When they think through a problem or a situation, some people have a clear natural tendency to start with the detail.  All the myriad little components come into their minds.  Those who are naturally organised then sift and sort them into a pattern and a plan.

Start with Big Picture

Others approach a problem in a rather different way.  They take the issue and steadily break it down into ever-smaller pieces until each component chunk feels like a manageable single concept.Continue reading…

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