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Performance Feedback for Project Team Members: In a Nutshell

Performance Feedback for Project Team Members

As a project manager, you are not just responsible for your project. You are also responsible for the people on your project. And there is nothing that develops people more reliably than good quality performance feedback. Often, we get our own performance feedback by simply observing what we do and the results it has. But […]

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The Essential Guide to Handling a Team Member Leaving Your Project

How to Handle a Team Member Leaving Your Project

You may have to deal with a team member leaving your project at any time. It’s never easy and it’s never pleasant. Although, it can sometimes be a bit of a relief! There is a lot that can go wrong whenever a team member leaves you. It can easily become a crisis point for our […]

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How to Delegate | Video

How to Delegate

In last week’s Project Management in Under 5, we answered the question: What is Delegation? It’s a vital skill for all project managers, so we’ve also created this video, where Mike talks you through the basics of How to Delegate, in under 5 minutes. So… How to Delegate? Dr Mike Clayton is founder of Here, he […]

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Great Team Communication: The 10 Commandments

Great Team Communication

Have you got a great project team? If you have, then one thing acts like top-grade oil in a highly-tuned engine: great team communication. With great team communication, everything seems so much easier. Conversations are friction free, problems get described, addressed and solved. And work gets shared and handed-off efficiently. Contrast that poor team communication. […]

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What is Transformational Leadership? | Video

What is Transformational Leadership?

Transformational Leadership can be set against the alternative; transactional leadership. The distinction was drawn by James McGregor Burns and clarified by Bernard Bass. As a Project Manager, you are involved in transformation, so this is a hugely valuable concept for you. So what is Transformational Leadership? Dr Mike Clayton is founder of Here, he answers this […]

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Get Better Project Results with Personal Leadership

Get Better Project Results with Personal Leadership

In our previous article, we looked at everything you need to know about project team motivation. But what about motivating individuals within the team? That comes down to personal leadership. Personal Leadership is all the day-by-day acts of leadership that inspire your team members to follow you. It leaves people motivated, enthusiastic, and keen to […]

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Everything You Need to Know about Project Team Motivation

Team motivation is a tricky topic for some project managers. Often your project team is drawn together at short notice. People don’t know one another, and don’t have a formal responsibility to do as you ask. So, when your project is under pressure, motivating your team is the only way to enhance their performance. The […]

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What is the Tuckman Model of Group Development? | Video

What is the Tuckman Model?

The Tuckman Model of group development should be essential learning for every project manager. As a project you are constantly taking new groups of people and aiming to forge a successful team. Bruce Tuckman investigated this and gave us arguably the best model of group and team development. It’s famous for its Forming – Storming […]

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A Simple Way to Develop Interpersonal Skills for Project Managers

Interpersonal Skills for Project Managers

In this article, Donnie MacNicol introduces us to interpersonal skills for Project Managers. Donnie is one of the UK’s leading experts in developing project leadership capability. He uses the latest cultural, organizational, and behavioral thinking in his work. The Importance of Interpersonal Skills  for Project Managers  Interpersonal skills are important in any line of work. And […]

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What is Situational Leadership? | Video

What is Situational Leadership?

Project Managers need to lead people to get things done. What is the right approach to project leadership? Situational Leadership will help. So what is Situational Leadership? Dr Mike Clayton is founder of Here, he answers this question, in under 5 minutes.

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