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Communications Channels: How to De-risk Your Project | Video

Communications Channels: How to De risk Your Project | Video

There’s more to the concept of communication channels than just communication. Your whole project may depend on this simple idea.

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What is Program Management? | Video

What is Program Management?

For some it’s a wholly new discipline: for others, it’s a natural growth from Project Management. So, what is Program Management?

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What is a Senior Responsible Owner – SRO? | Video

What is a Senior Responsible Owner - SRO?

The term ‘Senior Responsible Owner’ or SRO comes from the UK Government’s Program Management methodology, Managing Successful Programmes (MSP). It also appears in the related and far more widely known PRINCE2 methodology. So, what is a Senior Responsible Owner – SRO? Dr Mike Clayton is founder of Here, he answers this question, in under 5 minutes.

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