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Conflict Management: Ways to Get it Right | Part 2

Conflict Management

When relationships start to go wrong, it is often your job to fix them. Conflict management is not always a welcome part of a Project Manage’s role. But it is an important part. Because conflict is an inevitable part of projects. Stakeholders will resist change, sponsors will want different things, and team members will care […]

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Managing Conflict: Everything a Project Manager Needs to Know

Managing Conflict on Projects

A Project Manager needs many skills. And one of the hardest to come to terms with is managing conflict. You won’t use it every day (I hope). But you will need it from time to time. Whether you are called upon to handle a small spat or defuse a mighty row, conflict management needs a […]

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A Simple Way to Develop Interpersonal Skills for Project Managers

Interpersonal Skills for Project Managers

In this article, Donnie MacNicol introduces us to interpersonal skills for Project Managers. Donnie is one of the UK’s leading experts in developing project leadership capability. He uses the latest cultural, organizational, and behavioral thinking in his work. The Importance of Interpersonal Skills  for Project Managers  Interpersonal skills are important in any line of work. And […]

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