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The Key Deliverable of Your Project Plan | Video

The Key Deliverable of Your Project Plan | Video

In this video, I’m focusing on Project Planning, and asking what is the key deliverable in your project plan?

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This is learning, so, sit back and enjoy

It started with a question I was asked:

What is the main deliverable if you are asked to create a project plan for an event within 3 days?

It’s easy to answer your question in a conventional way. It’s a:

  • Gantt Chart
  • Set of milestones
  • Resource plan
  • Budget
  • Deliverable schedule

It’s a…

Do you see the problem?

No one of these is any more important than any other.

For some projects, one or more of these will be more salient, and others may matter less.

But, on the next project…
It’ll be different elements of your plan.

And then again, different project managers will select different aspects. And if they do it right, they won’t be choosing their favorites: they’ll be selecting against the needs and preferences of their stakeholders… who will change from one project to the next.

Okay then, so what is the main deliverable of a Project Plan?

I’ll answer it simply:

The main deliverable of a Project Plan is confidence.

I’d like to say certainty.

The certainty that we can deliver the required capabilities, functions, assets or whatever, with the resources we are granted, to the deadlines we have agreed.

But certainty is for children and only the most naive Project Managers.

However, confidence is vital in a Project Plan.

Your plan gives you the confidence that you know what you need to do next… and next.

It gives your sponsors, funders, clients, bosses, and stakeholders confidence that they are in safe hands. They will get what they commissioned,

  • when they need it,
  • for the price they are expecting,
  • to the quality and standards they require.

It gives your team confidence that you know what you are doing and that they know what you expect of them. You will have one credit more in the balance sheet of leadership.

So there you have it: the key deliverable in your project plan is confidence.

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