21 February, 2023

Solving Problems in the Gray Areas of Projects | Video

By Mike Clayton

21 February, 2023

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We often encounter tricky problems in our projects. And what can make them difficult is that the issues involved are not simply black and white; good or bad. Sometimes they are a little murky: shades of gray.

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Problems in the Gray Areas of Projects

Sometimes the problems you face are a little murky: shades of gray.

The Problems get Harder Still

Like when you don’t have all the facts. Or maybe emotions are running high among your stakeholders. Perhaps your team can’t agree on the right solution.

This is what Joseph Badaracco, calls ‘Managing in the Gray’

His book ‘Managing in the Gray’ looks to many strands of philosophy for help. And it distills that wisdom into five questions you can ask. 

He also gives a very useful piece of advice, to which I shall add one word (bracketed):

‘When you face a gray area problem, you should work through it as a [project] manager and resolve it as a human being.’

Badaracco’s Five Questions

Here are the five questions the author recommends you ask:

  1. What are the net, net consequences?
    This question takes a utilitarian point of view. It compels you to look forward to all the outcomes of your possible choice.
  2. What are my core obligations
    This one is about duty and accountability. It asks us to respect good governance.
  3. What will work in the world as it is?
    Here, we need to be pragmatic. It’s as much about realpolitik as it is about practicality.
  4. Who are we?
    We also need to consider our values and ethical choices.
  5. What can I live with?
    I think of this as a negotiator’s bottom line. But it also recognizes the impact of your conscience. Is it a decision you’ll regret?

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