27 June, 2024

Project Team Leadership 101

In this project team leadership video, I tackle the absolute fundamentals of leading a project team, that every project leader needs to know.

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The Fundamental Principle of Project Team Leadership

You get the team you deserve.

The Four Essentials of Project Team Leadership

The next four further principles lead us to the four essential roles of a Project Team Leader:


Second principle: Give everyone the attention they need.


Third principle: People need to feel part of something worthwhile.


Fourth principle: People will only follow you if they are confident that you know where you are going.


Fifth principle: Create an environment where your people can succeed.

The Four Skills of Project Team Leadership

To get the best from your team, you need to cultivate four skills:


Because even the best leaders don’t know everything.

Perhaps the primary communication skill. You need to pay attention to what your team members and stakeholders want and need to tell you.

Listening is a learned skill


Because your team members want to do well.

You are there for your team. So, you need to guide, support, and motivate them to perform at their best.

Recognition, praise, and feedback


Because there are tasks that need to be done.

Fundamentally, a project manager is paid to deliver your project. This means you equally need to make things happen, give instructions, and speak without fear.


Because projects are a series of choices.

Projects are a series of choices. Each one opens up and shuts down opportunities. You have to understand the problem, figure out what is right, and set your team’s priorities.

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What Kit does a Project Manager Need?

I asked Project Managers in a couple of forums what material things you need to have, to do your job as a Project Manager. They responded magnificently. I compiled their answers into a Kit list. I added my own. 

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