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How to Build a Robust Project Definition [The Key Components]

Project Definition is not just the first substantial stage of your project. It is also the foundation upon which you will build your whole project.

The rewards for getting your Project Definition right are matched only by the penalties of getting it wrong.

So it’s time we took on defining your project with one of our giant guides.

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Great Big Guide to the Project Business Case

Project Business Case

A Project Business Case sets out why you should start your project. It gives an

‘analysis of the benefits and costs of making a change to the way things are done’.

Decode the Jargon of Project Management

Your Project Business Case is therefore a tool for senior people to make an informed decision. It is a vital part of your project governance.

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The Ultimate Project Takeover Formula

The Ultimate Project Takeover Formula

It is never a good idea to takeover a project someone else has started. There is too much risk that they will not have set it up to succeed. So what should you do if you have no choice? For whatever reason, you have to engage in a project takeover, and you want to make a success of it?

Many articles focus on the first few days, but the challenge of project takeover extends beyond this. So, here,we will look at all the aspects of what you need to do, when you takeover an existing project.Continue reading

Project Management Essentials (8-Step Template)

Project Management Essentials

So, you’ve been given a project to deliver, and you want to know: ‘what are the Project Management essentials?’

It isn’t uncommon for experienced managers and professionals to get tasked with delivering a project. Sometimes you will have done other projects before, but this one is bigger, more complex, or the consequences of success or failure are greater. Maybe you have never done a project at all, and the whole thing seems a little daunting. You need the Project Management essentials, and you need them now.

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