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Project Management YouTube Channels: A Round-up of the Best

Project Management YouTube Channels: A Round-up of the Best

We’ve done round-ups of the best Project Management Blogs and Twitter Channels. So, now’s the time to look at the best Project Management YouTube Channels.

There’s a wealth of valuable material out there. And it’s all free.

We don’t recommend using Project Management YouTube Channels as your primary source for learning Project Management*. But, they are a fabulous resource for supplementing your knowledge and refreshing your understanding.

Project Management YouTube Channels: A Round-up of the Best

The Project Management YouTube Channels We’ll Look at

So, in this review article, we’ll survey the best YouTube Project Management Channels, in the following Categories:

  1. Basic Project Management
  2. Project Management Organizations
  3. Agile Project Management
  4. Preparation for Project Management Exams
  5. Non-Project Topics: Business and Strategic Acumen

* Why not use Project Management YouTube Channels to Learn Project Management?

At the moment, we can find no YouTube Project Management channel that offers a comprehensive course on a consistent basis. Patching together knowledge from multiple sources can easily:

  • Leave you confused by inconsistent or contradictory use of terminology
  • Offer conflicting advice (where both may be correct in different situations)
  • Miss important elements that you don’t know to look for
  • Fail to join up related concepts, thus leaving you without an all-important holistic understanding

There may be many other problems too. So please, if you need a comprehensive introduction to Project Management, with consistent terminology, please do consider a formal course, like those we provide.

Key Channel Metrics

Numbers are not everything. Never judge anything solely on numbers, as they rarely convey important information like quality, interest, or insight. But, for each channel, we will give you three metrics, which we’ll evaluate (as fairly as we can), based on the following methods.


Subscriber numbers grow continually and very rarely diminish. However, it can be that a lot of subscribers are no longer interested and don’t view a channel’s videos regularly, or even at all. And some channels grow fast (like my own, at over 12 percent per month at time of writing). While others grow very slowly, at less than 1 percent per month, picking up only one or two subscribers a day – or fewer.

But, subscriber numbers do indicate the extent to which:

  1. A channel is establish
  2. It’s videos have caused viewers to want more

So, please don’t assume low subscriber numbers are bad. This may be a new channel with excellent content, which has not yet cut through. And neither should you assume high subscriber numbers is necessarily an indicator of strength. The channel may be old and now unloved.

We’ll rate subscriber numbers as:

  • Low (0 – 1,000)
  • Medium (1,000 – 10,000)
  • High (10,000 -100,000)
  • Very High (100,000+)

Resource: Number of Videos Available

Again, this metric has nothing to say about the quality of the videos. But it does indicate the extent of the resource available to you. We’ll rate this:

  • Low (1 – 10)
  • Medium (10 – 100)
  • High (100 – 1,000)
  • Very High (1,000+)

Channel Activity

The best indicators of how active a channel is (and therefore how much love its owner is giving it) are:

  1. How frequently it posts new content
  2. When the most recent content appeared

Again, this is no indicator of the quality of what is there. YouTubers have other commitments, so they may produce a small quantity of high-quality stuff. Or they may have moved on in their lives and left a useful archive that they are no longer adding to.

We’ll try to get a fair sense of what’s going on and score activity as:

  • Very High (daily content)
  • High (2+ videos per week)
  • Medium (weekly)
  • Low (monthly)
  • Dormant (nothing for 3 months or so)
  • Archive (nothing for a year or more)

Basic Project Management YouTube Channels



This is our YourTube Channel, so it’s me: Mike Clayton. I’m starting with this one, because if you’re here, it’s likely to appeal to you. Like this website and our training, this project management YouTube channel is pitched at new and intermediate experience PMs.

The channel combines:

  • Solid project management knowledge and information (including over 80 ‘What is/ What are…’ videos)
  • Thought pieces and opinion
  • Tips and hints
  • Review (coming soon)

I’m not going to offer an assessment, but please do check it out. There are new videos every Tuesday and Thursday.

Declaration: this is my Project Management YouTube Channel

Project Management Videos (

2011Very HighHighDormant

This channel belongs to and its videos are presented mostly by the wonderful Jennifer Bridges PMP. Some are also presented by Susanne Madsen and Devon Dean.

This channel has created a huge archive of ‘Whiteboard chats’ that take you through one project management topic with the aid of a (real) whiteboard. Coverage is wide and, in places) deep, and very much avoids ‘selling’ their product (which is rarely even mentioned).

These are great. The style is casual but the content is rock solid. There’s no intention to be definitive nor preachy, but any new or intermediate project manager will learn loads from this fabulous archive.

Declaration: I sometimes contribute to the blog

The Otobos Group


This channel belongs to the fabulous Elizabeth Harrin – the powerhouse behind the Girl’s Guide to Project Management website.

Elizabeth makes a lot of videos – mostly for Facebook. Most of them are her sharing her insights on a particular topic, but there are interviews and book recommendations too. She uploads to YouTube sporadically, so there are bursts of uploads and then gaps.

Elizabeth is always worth listening to. She works as a project manager by day and is one of the most popular PM bloggers and social media figures by night (not quite true – she works a 4-1 split).

Declaration: Elizabeth is a friend

Otobos: On Time On Budget On Scope (geddit?)

Project Management Basics


Dmitriy Nizhebetskiy of Project Management Basics is building what I expect will be a very successful channel.

He’s posting regularly and building a following with a clear articulation of interesting and foundational PM topics.

Growing fast and with good reason. If you’re a new PM and want some solid content, this is a Project management YouTube channel to follow.

PM Perspective


This channel is a bit of a stub. The (few) videos are presented by Jason Dodd.

Jason focuses on the career aspects of project management, with detailed, well-produced videos.

There are only a handful of videos here, and he hasn’t produced anything for over a year. But the videos here are good, and have had many views, so if you’re after thoughtful advice on your PM career, take a look.

The Gilbert Principle


This is the Project Mangement Channel of dynamic project manager, Sorrel Gilbert.

Sorrel goes for an eclectic mix of musings on Project Management, sound knowledge hits, and quirky personal takes. She seems committed to building a channel and a following.

These videos are informal and light – project management knowledge as entertainment, almost. But there are some really interesting videos here. Sorrell is well-worth following, to see how she develops her style.

Declaration: I know Sorrel slightly and hope to collaborate on a video or two, sometime in the future.

Honorable Mentions

For different reasons, I don’t consider any of these channels to be the best. But I’ve looked at a lot and I can say that each of these has strong content that will be right for some people. These very far from the worst!

So, if you’re looking to build up a portfolio of Project Management YouTube Channels to watch for education and professional development, do check these out. Some of them may be just right for you.

  • Harry Hall  
    A mid-size channel. Harry’s laconic style delivers first-rate content.
  • Chris Croft
    Chris covers a lot of topics but has around 20 PM videos (some are promotional).
  • Aravun
    Specializing in Mega Projects, Karlene started strongly but seems to have drifted away from her channel. Let’s hope she comes back.

YouTube Channels of Project Management Organizations

Project Management Institute (PMI)


This is the official YouTube channel of the Project Management Institute.

This channel contains a wide range of video content that includes interviews, information about PMI and its services, summaries of its research, and loads more.

If you’re a PMI member and serious about staying up to date, you need to check it out from time to time.

Association for Project Management (APM)


This is the official YouTube Channel of the Association for Project Management.

The interviews and conference extracts make this channel interesting. It also hosts their promotional material.

Declaration: I write for APM’s quarterly magazine (Project) and have reviewed their new APM Body of Knowledge.



Axelos owns global PM best practice methodologies like PRINCE2, ITIL, and MSP.

There are a lot of really informative videos from real experts on this channel.

If any of their methodologies are of interest to you, this channel is worth your time. Even if you don’t use these methodologies, you can learn a lot at intermediate to advance level.

International Institute for Learning (IIL)

2009MediumVery HighVery High

The International Institute for Learning is really a commercial training business. But I put them in this section because they are behind the Internation Project Management Day, on the first Thursday of each November.

There’s a huge amount of content here, ranging across the whole of the project management discipline. But there’s a strong emphasis on Agile PM.

Although there is a lot of tedious promotional content here, there’s also a lot of real content that can be a useful resource. I don’t recommend you subscribe, but if you need some info, it’s a useful source to check out.

Major Projects Hub


This channel is run by The Major Projects Association, whose website is at

Largely, the content of this channel is made up of interviews with established PMs. Think of it as short, sharp, video podcasts.

This channel is woefully undiscovered. It has a lot of content with some real gems. There’s content here for project managers of all levels of experience. Go check it out today.

Honorable Mentions

Not because these channels are great – they don’t offer much – but because the organizations are important in a plural PM world…

Agile Project Management YouTube Channels

Agile Business Consortium


The Agile Business Consortium is one of the main organizations that promotes Agile Project Management.

It is, therefore, surprising just how impoverished this channel is. With nothing posted in the last 7 months, the channel is clearly lacking love.

I’ve put it in the main list only because of two reasons:

  1. there is a small number of worthwhile jour-long webinars
  2. the prominence of the organization


This site is run by rivals,, and the contrast with their rivals cannot be starker. Frequent posts and a good following lead to a channel with many great videos.

You’ll get informative videos with basic scrum knowledge, interviews, and ideas.

If scrum is your thing, then this is a must-use channel.

Scaled Agile


Scaled Agile is the owner of the Scaled Agile Framework, SAFe. Or, at least, it was… until the Project Management Institute (PMI) bought it in autumn 2019.

The site’s productivity received a boost a few months back, but in truth a lot of its content is promotional in nature. But there’s some solid content, if SAFe is your thing.

Honorable Mentions

None of the channels dedicated to Agile learning content are especially worth a follow, unless you particularly like their style. But all offer a modest archive of content.

Agile Digest2017MediumMediumLow
Agile training Videos2011HighMediumDormant
Mark Shead2011HighMediumLow

Preparation for Project Management Exams on YouTube

Cornelius Fichtner


Cornelius Fichtner PMP is the brains and voice behind the PM Prepcast and all its PMI certification training products.

What you get here is a large resource of high-quality PMP/CAPM-based content. Yes, the exam is changing, but the validity of this content is not. If you enjoy Cornelius’s style and you want absolute reliability from a PMI Registered Education Provider, then dig into this valuable archive.

Declaration: OnlinePMCourses is an affiliate for PMP Prepcast, CAPM Prepcast, and PMI-ACP Agile Prepcast products, and the PDU Podcast.



mPlaza is run by firends of OnlinePMCourses, Frank Turley and Nader Rad. Their businesses are PTCoE and unbored Training, which deliver certification training in a range of Agile approaches, PRINCE2, ITIL, PMP, and CAPM.

The channel largely hosts sample modules from their paid courses and therefore acts as a taster and source of high-quality learning nuggets. A great reference source.

Declaration: OnlinePMCourses re-sells the courses that the mPlaza channel features.

Projex Academy


Dave Litten used this channel to promote his training and exam preparation resources.

There is an archive of just north of 100 videos that cover many aspects of the PRINCE2 and PMP examinations. But he also covers topics like MS Project and and APM.

There’s too much promotional content here for my liking and some, like me, will find the many ‘voice over PowerPoint’ style videos less than engaging. But there is no doubt that the content s sound and this channel may give you the knowledge you need.

iZenBridge Consultancy


iZenBridge is a PMI Registered Education Provider (REP) and they also provide training in Agile methods

If you’re studying for PMP, CAPM, or an Agile qualification, there’s a vast array of resources here to help you. And they are equally good for adding to your PM knowledge. Be aware that the company is based in India, so some of its presenters speak English with strong sub-continent accents.

Definitely one to bookmark and, if you are following a regular CPD regime, one to subscribe to.

PMC Lounge


PMP Lounge is the nearest to structure training via Project Management YouTube channel.

Training towards PMP. A big selection of well-explained videos. They are all in a ‘voice over PowerPoint’ format and be aware that the company is based in India, so some of its presenters speak English with strong sub-continent accents.

Another channel to bookmark and, if you are following a regular CPD regime, one to subscribe to.

The Sustainable PM


Antony della Porta of The Sustainable PM

Over the last couple of years, Anony has uploaded a huge amount of content about PRINCE2 and MSP (Managing Successful Programmes). While the channel is now dormant, there’s a great archive of useful reference content if you are studying for one of these Axelos exams.

Non-Project Topics: Business and Strategic Acumen

I’m only going to include three channels here. But they are good ones!


2006Very Very HighVery Very HighVery High

TED stands for Technology, Education, Design. It’s a fabulous organization that (for our purposes) makes mountains of the very highest quality content available, entirely freely.

There are talks here from the world’s finest minds, delivering the best talks of their lives. It’s no wonder that many have several million views.

Whatever you want to learn about, there are talks here for you. Be it business, psychology, organizations, or juggling, architecture, and linguistics.

Here are our favorite 24 TED Talks for Project Managers.

Declaration: If you have a curious mind, this channel may well get you addicted.

TEDx Talks

2009Very Very HighVery Very HighVery High

If you cannot get enough of TED, here are talks from the smaller, independently organized TEDx conferences and events. Smaller scale speakers – but often equally insightful, thought-provoking, informative, and entertaining.

Like TED but loads more content – particularly from business leaders.

Management Courses


Dr Mike Clayton – me – the founder of OnlinePMCourses.

I started this a month ago. The intention is to provide free management training via the YouTube platform. The videos will build into structured training programs. Each course will be housed in its own playlist.

So, if you need management training and have no budget, here’s a solution. If it works, I’ll do the same for Project Management.

And if you just want new ideas to sharpen aspects of your management or personal professional effectiveness, please subscribe now.

I’m releasing two videos a week at the moment, rising to three in the new year (January 2020)

Declaration: This is my own new YouTube Channel.

Do You Have a Favorite Project Management YouTube Channel to Recommend?

Whether it’s a favorite you like to visit, or your own project, do let us know in the comments below. And when I update this round-up in a year or two, if it’s looking good then, I’ll include it in my listings.

About the Author Mike Clayton

Dr Mike Clayton is one of the most successful and in-demand project management trainers in the UK. He is author of 14 best-selling books, including four about project management. He is also a prolific blogger and contributor to and Project, the journal of the Association for Project Management. Between 1990 and 2002, Mike was a successful project manager, leading large project teams and delivering complex projects. In 2016, Mike launched OnlinePMCourses.

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    Thanks Mike, hopefully next year my Dow Publishing LLC site will make you list. My channel is focused on PMO and Project Management videos from the very beginner to advanced PMO executive. My channel can be found here:

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      Bill, wow – a lot of content. I shall certainly be interested to see how your channel develops and grow. Thank you.

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    • Mike Clayton says:

      Adriana, I have certainly become aware of your channel since I wrote this post a couple of years back. And, by making this comment, you assure yourself a mention when I update it. There are a few new entrants I should cover, so I’ll aim to update this in 2022. Thank you.

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