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Podcasts Featuring Mike Clayton

From time to time, OnlinePMCourses founder, Mike Clayton, does interviews for podcasts.
Here is an archive of his Project Mangement podcasts.

We hope you enjoy them.

Building a Working Relationship with Your Project Sponsor – With Jonathan Norman | Video
Jonathan Norman has a lifelong interest in communication at work. We talk about building a working relationship with your project sponsor.
Reporting Project Status – with Richard Junod, founder of PM Rockstar
I spoke with Project Management Rockstar founder, Richard Junod, about project status reports and reporting project status.
Working with a PMO and Building a PMO Career – with Curtis Jenkins
Curtis Jenkins is an accomplished PMO executive. So, I wanted to speak with him about working with a PMO and building a PMO career.
PMO Competency Framework: A Conversation with Lindsay Scott of House of PMO
Lindsay Scotthas just published a PMO Competency Framework. It's the first competency framework for PMO team members, from the leader down.
Build High-Performing Project Teams – Conversation with Charles Vivian
A common theme in all Charles Vivian does is his commitment to the people he works with. So, we spoke about High-Performing Project Teams.
Building a Project Plan – Conversation with Kristina Kushner | Video
Kristina Kushner spans the spectrum from Agile and Traditional project management. So, we speak about building a project plan in both domains.
PMBOK 7: 7th Edition of the PMI’s Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge – with Nader Rad
Nader Rad is a member of the Core Team that put together PMBOK 7, the 7th Edition of the PMBOK Guide. What does he think of the changes?
Getting a Clear Scope for Your Project: A Conversation with Joseph Garfield | Video
The start of any project is discovering what users need from it. I speak with Joseph Garfield about getting a clear scope for your project.
Building Inclusive Teams: A Conversation with Anita Phagura of Fierce Project Management
Anita Phagura is a passionate advocate for diverse leaders at the heart of our projects. So, we spoke about Building Inclusive Teams.
Getting Started in Project Management – with Frank Turley | Video
Frank Turley helps aspiring project managers learn the craft and gain practical experience. We discuss getting started in Project Management.
Fleks Hybrid Model – with Hélio Costa | Interview
The Fleks Hybrid Model is a whole way of doing projects. It emphasises flexibility and is a true hybrid of predictive & adaptive thinking.
Selecting a Project Approach – with Dmitriy Nizhebetskiy | Interview
Dmitriy Nizhebetskiy understands traditional, planned Project Management & Agile PM… So, we spoke about Selecting a Project Approach
Onboarding a New Team – with Elizabeth Harrin | Interview
How do you bring a new project team on-board? I wanted to speak with Elizabeth Harrin about onboarding a new project team.
New PMP Certification Exam: Discussion with Markus Kopko | Video
The new PMP certification exam changes are big. What do they mean for you? And, what's the impact when the new PMBOK Guide is published?
The Project Management Certification question: Discussion with Dawn Mahan | Video
One of the commonest questions I get is the Project Management Certification question: 'should I, or shouldn't I?'
Podcast: The Value of Lifelong Learning for Project Professionals
All the professional bodies like PMI, APM and IAPM require CPD (Continuing Professional Development). But even if they did not,[...]
Podcast: The Importance of Project Definition
Without a strong Project Definition, your project will be on shaky ground. It underpins everything you'll do. A good project[...]
Podcast: Politics and Stakeholders
Two of the things that put off many project managers are Politics and Stakeholders. Yet they are intertwined and a[...]
Podcast: Project Management and Resilience
Project Management is a demanding discipline. Pressure can easily get to you. And, if that happens, your effectiveness will suffer...[...]