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Podcasts Featuring Mike Clayton

From time to time, OnlinePMCourses founder, Mike Clayton, does interviews for podcasts.
Here is an archive of his Project Mangement podcasts.

We hope you enjoy them.

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Top 15 Project Management Podcasts
For a Project Manager who wants to learn more about your discipline, here's our best-ever guide to my top 15 Project Management podcasts.
Are you Ready to Lead Your Next Project? With Loredana Abramo
Are you ready to lead your next project? I spoke with Loredana Abramo about Readiness to Lead and how project managers can stay relevant.
Building a Career in IT Project Management – with Andreanna Marshall
Let's talk about building an IT Project Management career, and Scrum, with Scrum Master, Andreanna Marshall.
Responsible Project Management | Interview
What is Responsible Project Management, and what does it mean for how we practice PM? I spoke with leading thinker, Dr Karen Thompson.
Decision-Making AI for Project Portfolios – with Stuart Easton | Video
Can AI help us make better decisions? Especially for selecting Project Portfolios. I discuss decision-making AI with Stuart Easton.
How to Build a Collaborative Project Culture with Deb Mashek
Collaboration is a vital aspect of Project Management. Deb Mashek has written a fantastic book, Collabor(h)ate that I recommend to all PMs.
How to Tell if Your Developer is Lying to You – with Duncan McGregor
Is your developer lying to you? If so, why? And how can you tell? A software engineer spills the beans and shares his take on Agile.
PMI-RMP: PMI’s Risk Management Professional Certification – with Harry Hall
The PMI-RMP is the PMI’s Risk Management Professional Certification. I discussed everything you need to know about it with Harry Hall.
How will Artificial Intelligence Impact the PM Profession?
How will Artificial Intelligence impact the Project Management profession? I speak with the leading academic, Dr Nicholas Dacre.
Can AI Really Predict Project Outcomes?
Lloyd Skinner is the CEO at In a conversation about artificial intelligence, I ask him, 'can AI really predict project outcomes?'
All Change! An Astonishing Conversation with Dr Eddie Obeng!| Video
Eddie Obeng's book All Change! had a big influence on many Project Managers. He's an inspiring innovator. Stand by to be astonished.
Agony Angels: Hitting Deadlines – with Andy Kaufman
'How can I make sure I don't miss my deadlines?' That's the question Andy Kaufman and I tackle, as we don the wings of two Agony Angels.
Agony Angels: Team Members Not Pulling their Weight – with Stuart Taylor
Do you have team members who aren't pulling their weight? Stuart Taylor and I tackle this, as we don the wings of two Agony Angels.
Adriana Girdler’s Best Project Management Advice: Get Strategic
What are Adriana Girdler's best Project Management Tips, Tools, and insight? In this video, she tells me about your need to get strategic.
Agony Angels: Setting up Project Governance – with Rich Maltzman
Where to start with setting up governance for your project? Rich Maltzman and I tackle this question, as we don the wings of two Agony Angels.
Helio Costa’s Best Project Management Advice: Flexibility, Integration, and Risk
What is Helio Costa’s best Project Management advice? Helio Costa tells me, among other things, about Flexibility, Integration, and Risk.
Neuroscience for Project Managers with Carole Osterweil | Video
Neuroscience offers a body of useful tools for better results at work. I asked Carole Osterweil about Neuroscience for Project Managers.
Agony Angels: So many Stakeholders – Stakeholder Engagement with Dawn Mahan
How can I keep track of so many stakeholders? That's the question Dawn Mahan and I tackle, as we don the wings of two Agony Angels.
Introduction to the PMP Certification (Project Management Professional) with Cornelius Fichtner
For an introduction to the PMP certification, Cornelius Fichtner is the best choice. His training has helped 60,000 people pass the exam.