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Do you need to lead one-on-one meetings in your workplace?

If you do, then you will know it is your responsibility to make them comfortable for both of you, and also an effective use of time...


Leading Effective
One-on-One Meetings

Everything a Project Manager Needs to Know to Maximize the Value of One-on-One Time

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Mike Clayton's Training Clients

25 high quality videos. See Mike and Felicity speak, as if at a live seminar. 


You get to practice what you are learning, with our 6 activities. And you'll get tools and a workbook too.


Continuous one-to-one support from an expert, allows you to ask questions and get feedback on your experiences.

Rex Mackrill

'Mike has successfully led and delivered many complex programmes – exceeding client expectations and building high performing teams wherever he goes. His continuing energy and enthusiasm to develop and learn, and to share his exciting ideas and insights so freely is a continual inspiration.'

- Rex Mackrill -

One-on-One Meetings Serve Many Purposes.
They may be for:

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    Goal setting
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    Performance review – formal and informal
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    Tasking and progress monitoring
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    BriefingProblem-solving and addressing issues
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    Care and support
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    Coaching or mentoring
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    Performance feedback…
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    Even reprimands

Are you sure you know how to plan for, prepare, and lead a one-on-one meeting, so you can get the results you need?

Too often, people get promoted to a level where they need to lead these kinds of meeting, without getting any training.

So, in this course, we’ll cover:

  • The different types of one-on-one meeting
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    Planning and preparing your meeting
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    Putting together an effective agenda
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    How to build rapport
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    How men and women each perceive a mixed meeting – with advice for each
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    How to listen well
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    Questioning skills
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    How to adapt to the range of meeting types you’ll need as a manager, project manager, or team leader. 

As a result, you’ll be able to:

  • Select the most effective style for your one-on-one meeting
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    Plan and prepare for an effective meeting that puts both of you at ease, and allows you to make the progress you need
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    Lead a meeting that flows naturally
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    Choose the most suitable room layout for your meeting
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    Build and strengthen professional rapport with the other person
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    Avoid the traps of the male-female one-on-one dynamic
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    Listen deeply, and ask insightful questions
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    Lead a range of different types of one-on-one meeting, for: appraisal, progress checking, coaching, mentoring and reprimands. 
Leading Effective One-on-One Meetings

For this program, OnlinePMCourses founder, Dr Mike Clayton, is supported by experienced coach and trainer, Felicity Dwyer

Mike and Felicity talk about what you'll learn.

Six Practice Activities

Throughout the course, you will have short exercises to do, that we've designed to reinforce the skills we'll cover. If you have any questions to ask or comments to make, you can do so inside the course, and Mike will be there to respond and support you.

So, best of all...

You get personal support from your trainer, Dr Mike Clayton.

Each module has a comments box where you can ask the questions you need answered. 

Your tutor is Dr. Mike Clayton. As a senior manager at international consulting firm, Deloitte, Mike had to deal with conflict among staff, and with clients, and even among clients. But more important, as a senior representative of his firm and a program leader, he needed to avoid escalation of conflict.

Now, as a trainer and facilitator, he has been applying what he learned and teaching it to others. This course represents 15 years' experience of what tools students find most helpful, and 25 years experience in business, managing conflicts large and small.

  • Don't understand the content? Ask Mike.
  • You think something may be missing? Ask Mike.
  • Not sure how to apply the content to your situation? Ask Mike.
  • Want some tips and guidance for your project? Ask Mike
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Dr Sharief Ibrahim

'You have have skilfully used analogies and mental pictures together with clear illustrations to explain tough managements concepts. I should congratulate you for the great effort you put to produce the quality course which I think is second to none.'

- Dr Sharief Ibrahim -

So, why should you invest in
Leading Effective One-on-One Meetings?

Because you will be able to...

  • Plan and prepare effective one-on-one meetings
  • Lead effective meetings and draw out the valuable information you need
  • Adapt your meeting style to the situation at hand
  • Build rapport and listen well
  • Get the results you need from even the toughest meetings

So, the question is, why wouldn't you invest in this program?

What's my investment?

Leading Effective One-on-One Meetings will give you the tools and the confidence to make One-on-One meetings the centre of your Project Leadership style

How much is that worth?

  • 25 videos
  • Est. 3 PMI PDUs / hours of PM Education
  • 1.75 hours of video content
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    Course workbook
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    Exercise workbook
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    Guidance and support from tutor

Only $47

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or monthly subscription $17 pcm

VAT will be added if you are in the EU or UK

Corporate pricing is also available, on request.

'The unique thing about the training from OnlinePMCourses is that you can interact with your trainer. This isn’t a study-in-isolation type programme, although of course you can do that if it suits your learning style. Mike is committed to giving you the support you need to make the course a success, so he has included a comments section in every module of the course. Ask your question and he’ll get back to you.'

- Elizabeth Harrin -