You want your words to carry weight...

You want people to listen to you...

You want to speak with authority...

You want to be trusted...

You even want to be sought out for you opinions, insights and advice.

How to Develop Gravitas

Your five-step guide to being sought out, listened to, taken seriously, and trusted by the people around you.

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Mike Clayton's Training Clients

Be the voice of wisdom and influence.
You know you need to develop more gravitas if people tend to ignore your advice, if people sometimes switch-off when you are speaking, if it seems like they don't trust your judgement.


21 high quality videos. See Mike speak with you, as if at his live seminars. 

Project Definition: Structured Process

A structured set of techniques.
So, you can steadily increase your gravitas, step-by-step.


Continuous one-to-one support from an expert, allows you to ask questions and get feedback on your experiences.

'Mike has successfully led and delivered many complex programmes – exceeding client expectations and building high performing teams wherever he goes. His continuing energy and enthusiasm to develop and learn, and to share his exciting ideas and insights so freely is a continual inspiration.'

- Rex Mackrill -

Can Gravitas Be Learned?
We recognise gravitas when we encounter a set of attitudes and behaviours that conform to our expectations of authority, credibility and wisdom. You can learn these attitudes and behaviours, and you will, with this five step course.

How to Develop Gravitas

If you want to further your career, you need gravitas
It is that commanding impression of authority, judgement and wisdom that people look to when they want a leader, when they need advice, or when someone has to give them confidence in the future.

To do that, you need practical tips and techniques

And this course will give you them.

More than that, you'll learn:

  • How to think like someone with gravitas
  • How to look like someone with gravitas
  • How to act like someone with gravitas
  • check
    What to say
  • check
    ...and How to say it

When you implement the lessons from this course:

  • People will take you seriously
  • You will feel confident among older, more experienced colleagues and stakeholders
  • People will grant you a position of influence, authority, and trust
  • You will be able to hold the attention of a room full of people
  • People will seek out, welcome, and embrace your ideas and insights
  • Stakeholders, clients, and bosses will notice you and pay attention to your contributions
  • You will be able to move your career forwards and upwards
  • ...and gain promotion at an early stage

Mike Clayton talks about what you'll learn.

How to Develop Gravitas
Kathryn Kistner Student of How to Develop Gravitas

Project a Professional Image

This course teaches how to project a more professional image. The audio and video were excellent. This would be a good course for people with English as a second language, as the pace was slow.

* * * * *

Francisco Hernandez Student of How to Develop Gravitas

Don't make the mistakes

Excellent advice and tips on how to make yourself valuable through the concept of gravitas. Explains some of the mistakes you can make and why you shouldn't make them. I speak a lot to people and need to be reminded of these practices and attitudes.

* * * * *

Andrew Beer Consultant & Project Manager

An invaluable aid to develop your personal business skills

This is an invaluable aid for anyone wishing to develop their personal business skills. It is clear that Mike has a great depth of experience and speaks with great authority.

* * * * *

Chris Student of How to Develop Gravitas

I haven't found the same information elsewhere.

Excellent course! This gave me several "nuggets" I can use to improve my presentation. I haven't found the same information elsewhere.

* * * * *

Catherine Tuckwood Student of How to Develop Gravitas

Reliable and Trustworthy

An excellent webinar providing concise information delivered in a reliable and trustworthy manner.

* * * * *

But best of all...

You get personal support from your trainer, Dr Mike Clayton.

Each module has a comments box where you can ask the questions you need answered. 

Your tutor is Dr. Mike Clayton. As a senior manager at international consulting firm, Deloitte, Mike had to deal with conflict among staff, and with clients, and even among clients. But more important, as a senior representative of his firm and a program leader, he needed to avoid escalation of conflict.

Now, as a trainer and facilitator, he has been applying what he learned and teaching it to others. This course represents 15 years' experience of what tools students find most helpful, and 25 years experience in business, managing conflicts large and small.

  • Don't understand the content? Ask Mike.
  • You think something may be missing? Ask Mike.
  • Not sure how to apply the content to your situation? Ask Mike.
  • Want some tips and guidance for your project? Ask Mike
Project Definition Kit - Features ribbon

'You have have skilfully used analogies and mental pictures together with clear illustrations to explain tough managements concepts. I should congratulate you for the great effort you put to produce the quality course which I think is second to none.'

- Dr Sharief Ibrahim -

So, why should you invest in
How to Develop Gravitas?


  • Your words and ideas will carry weight
  • People will seek  out your opinions, ideas, and advice
  • ...and they will listen carefully to what you say
  • You will speak with authority, and influence clients, colleagues, and stakeholders
  • People will trust you with demanding roles

So, the question is, why wouldn't you invest in this program?

What's my investment?

How to Develop Gravitas will give you the tools to take on and deliver one of the most challenging parts of your role.

How much is that worth?

  • 21 videos
  • Est. 1-2 PMI PDUs / hours of PM Education (Leadership)
  • Over 1 hour of video content
  • check-square-o
    Course workbook
  • check-square-o
  • check-square-o
    Guidance and support from tutor

Only US $34

VAT will be added if you are in the EU or UK

or UK £24

VAT will be added if you are in the EU or UK

Corporate pricing is also available, on request.

Important Note... 
What makes gravitas does depend, to a degree, on the culture and society you live and work in. This course is designed for people in Western, English-speaking cultures. But much of the advice will also be true for other cultures.

'The unique thing about the training from OnlinePMCourses is that you can interact with your trainer. This isn’t a study-in-isolation type programme, although of course you can do that if it suits your learning style. Mike is committed to giving you the support you need to make the course a success, so he has included a comments section in every module of the course. Ask your question and he’ll get back to you.'

- Elizabeth Harrin -