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The Role of a Project Manager: Project Management Responsibilities | Video

The Role of the Project Manager - Project Management Responsibilities

The role of a Project Manager is a big one. There’s a lot to do, just to keep on top of your basic project management responsibilities. But have you ever thought of what is included?

In this video, I take you through the role of the project manager step by step, following his 8-step project process. If you want to know what the project manager’s role is, this is the video for you.

PMI Talent Triangle - Technical Project Management

This video is safe for viewing in the workplace.

This is learning, so, sit back and enjoy

In this video, I’ll take you through your project management responsibilities, as seen through three lenses:

  1. The project lifecycle and your project process
  2. A strategic view of your project
  3. Your role as a leader of your people

But these are just my opinions. Please do share your thoughts in the comments below. What have I missed? What else would you add?

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About the Author Mike Clayton

Dr Mike Clayton is one of the most successful and in-demand project management trainers in the UK. He is author of 14 best-selling books, including four about project management. He is also a prolific blogger and contributor to and Project, the journal of the Association for Project Management. Between 1990 and 2002, Mike was a successful project manager, leading large project teams and delivering complex projects. In 2016, Mike launched OnlinePMCourses.

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