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The Most Comprehensive list of [22] Project Management Podcasts You’ll Find

Project Management Podcasts

For any Project Manager who wants to learn more about your discipline on the move, here’s your best ever guide. There are well over 20 Project Management Podcasts. And here, we list as many of the good ones as we can find.

Like volcanoes, some of these podcasts are extinct, some dormant, and some highly active. Also volcanoes, good project management podcasts are a valuable resource even when they are dormant or extinct. They become a rich archive of ideas, information, and guidance. Extinct volcanoes provide rich and fertile soils.

Too Many Project Management Podcasts?

Project Management Podcasts

Project Management Podcasts

The problem with a long list is, of course, choice. We know people find it hard to choose when confronted with too many options. But it’s not my job in this article to make your life easy. What I want to do is show you what you can access. After that, I’ll leave it to you to sample the goods, and make up your own mind. Any of these will repay your time. Which ones you like best will depend on:

  • where you are in your career
  • what topics interest you
  • personal preferences for the style of the presenters

And, if you are growing your career, don’t forget that project management podcasts can help. They introduce you to new people, new ideas, and formal knowledge. But they can also earn you Professional Development Units (PDUs) if you are a member of certain professional bodies, such as the PMI.

So, with that said, let’s dive into my list of 22 Project Management Podcasts.

22 Project Management Podcasts

APM Project Management Qualification (APMP) Podcasts

Parallel Project Training:
This is not a ‘magazine’ style podcast. It’s a fixed set of project management podcasts that cover the Association for Project Management (APM) Body of Knowledge. As a result, there are 70 topics here, linked to the APM 6th Edition of the Body of Knowledge. For anyone learning project management – especially taking APMP –  this is a tremendous resource.

APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ) Podcast Series

Like the podcast above, this is also not in a ‘magazine’ style. It too is a set of project management podcasts that cover the APM Body of Knowledge. There are 52 topics in seven knowledge area sections. And there are a few still outstanding, as I write this. For anyone learning project management, especially for APM PMQ, this is a tremendous resource.

Ask Cadence

Scott Allison (new podcasts):
This regular project management podcast ran for over 100 episodes,  to the start of 2013. It resumed, on a near-monthly basis, in mid-2016. It’s hard to see how the new format will evolve, as they’re still at Part 6 of an 8-part series as I write. However, there’s a great archive of short-form podcasts for you to mine, hosted by John Patton.

DrunkenPM Radio

David Prior:
David Prior is one of the presenters of the Leading Agile podcast (below). But I’ve not cross referenced to see if there is overlap in the content of these two sites. Provocative and enticing titles tone with the blog’s own title and the darkness of its design. There’s a lot of focus on Agile, so I have not been able to prioritise trying these out.

The 5 PM Podcast

Ricardo Vargas:
Running continuously from 2007 to January 2017, the 5-Minute Project Management Podcast from Ricard Vargas has over 400 episodes. And as you’d guess, each is around 5-minutes. So they are convenient for a short listen. The range of his project management topics is broad. And you can access his playlists (, if you want to listen to a particular subject. Ricardo’s style is to speak from his own experience on topics that interest him or follow from a question someone has asked.

Fix My Project Chaos / Elise Stevens

Elise Steven:
Here is a well produced series of over 100 project management podcasts. They are interviews covering a very wide range of topics. There is content that will interest project managers at all stages of your career. They have a lot of focus on the soft skills that you’ll need for any project type. This one is one of my personal favourites.

Since this blog was published, Elise has moved her ‘Fix My Project Chaos’ blog to

Great Project Management Podcasts

Guerrilla Project Management Podcasts

Samad Aidane:
In his retired blog, OnlinePMCourses friend, Samad Aidane, explored some curious bye-ways of project management, like neuro-science, psychology, and cultural styles. The last of these is the direction in which he has steered his own career. This is not for beginners, but for intellectually curious Project Managers, it is an archive to cherish, and visit for new ideas.

The Lazy Project Manager Podcast

Peter Taylor:
After four years, OnlinePMCourses friend Peter Taylor’s Project Management podcast is still going strong. This is despite Peter’s return to frontline PMO management. Peter promotes productive laziness: working smarter, not harder. His episodes range from musings to interviews, and from 5 minutes to over an hour. Peter has an ebullient style, and is (for me) at his best when interviewing others.

Leading Agile

Derek Huether and Dave Prior:
If Agile is your focus, this is the leading project management podcast for you. Into its second year, there are nearly 100 episodes of Q&A and general musings, often with interesting guests. This is a nicely presented blog and has a lot of interesting items that are applicable to all project managers, not just Agile practitioners. One of my favourites.

Manage This

Andy Crowe, Bill Yates, Nick Walker:
Thirty minute Project Management podcasts from Velociteach, a project management training provider. These are nicely prepared, cover interesting topics, and have an informal conversational style. Although the host company is something of a competitor of ours, this is one of my personal favourites.

The PDU Podcast
Not everything on the web is free, and here is an example. If you want to earn PDU points, and you want them from here, you will need to pay… $19.99 per month, or $199.99 per year. And back issues will also cost you on top, at a pretty high rate. But there is also a fair amount of video webinar content and the list of presenters looks very strong. I’ve not evaluated the content, but given the wealth of other podcast resources out there for free – all of which can earn you self-certified PDU points – you’ll want to check this out carefully before deciding.

Great Project Management Podcasts

People and Projects Podcast

Andy Kaufman:

This is a long-running program of over 100 long form (30+ minutes) Project Management podcasts. These are heavily produced with (to my taste annoying) prominent rock music bumpers. The focus of the content, as you’d guess from the title, is the leadership side of project management. Recently, these are coming out weekly and with some excellent less-familiar interviewees, this is a podcast that will make you think.

PM for the Masses Podcast

Cesar Abeid:

PM for the Masses is Cesar Abeid’s blog, which contains a lot of Project Management podcasts. The link I’ve given goes to a feed of the podcasts. There are around 80 long-form (30 min+) episodes, running from 2013 to March 2016. Abeid interviews different project managers and experts on related topics for their tips and advice. This podcast contains as much about personal professional development as about pure project management. I hope the apparent break for around a year does not mark the end.

The PMO Podcast

Mark Perry:
A vast archive of over 250 long-form project management podcasts focusing on… PMO. But there’s plenty else besides.

The PM Podcast

Cornelius Fichtner:

The PM Podcast has a vast archive of content (coming up to 400 podcasts now), hosted by PMP Exam Prep expert, Cornelius Fichtner. These are highly produced and professional sounding podcasts, in which Cornelius interviews a wide range of experts. Most of the recent ones are free, but for some, you need to subscribe, at $5.99 per month (or $59.99 per year). Although Exam Prep is the focus of Fichtner’s main business, these are aimed at gaining you PMI PDUs. So they cover a very wide range of Project Management topics, often in great detail. They are mostly around 30 minutes long.

PM Soundbites

PMI Washington DC Chapter:
Not all project management podcasts need to be long-form or short-form. Here are micro-form podcasts: literally a minute or two of soundbite. It’s not something I like, but each one offers a single insight and you may like them. You’l find longer podcasts from the same team on the Project Management Institute podcasts page (described below).

Great Project Management Podcasts

Project Management Careers Advice Podcast

Arras People/Lindsay Scott:
This podcast, from OnlinePMCourses friend Arras People was hosted by Lindsay Scott in 2011 and 2012. There weren’t many episodes, but if your focus is on getting a project management job and building a career, it’s well worth taking a look at this archive.

Project Management Paradise Podcast

Cora Systems/Johnny Bierne:
Promoted by Cora Systems, this podcast does not promote the company at all. But it does do gentle, insightful interviews with a wide range of excellent guests (and me). Now over 40 project management podcasts, the range is eclectic and the archive is becoming a great resource. This is one of my favourites.

Various presenters and series:
As you’d expect, there are plenty of project management podcast contributors on the PMI’s messy community site. On the day I prepared this, scattered around a shockingly disorganized page are a series of PM Debate podcasts hosted by Philip and Mary Elizabeth Diab, another series from Dave Prior (see DrunkenPM, above), and PM Point of View Podcasts from the Washington DC Chapter, with a range of hosts. An embarrassment of riches on an embarrassingly chaotic site (given that part of our role as project managers is to create order from chaos). Maybe the webmasters need to take a look at!

Project Management War Stories

Wayne Thompson:

This is an archive of 52 Project Management podcasts. In each one, Wayne Thompson interviews a seasoned project management veteran and draws lessons to learn from either successful or failed projects. Most are short-form, ranging from 5 to 20 minutes.

The Project Shrink

Bas de Baar:
An archive of nearly 50 conversations with project management experts. These focus mostly on virtual projects, Agile and software projects, and the impact of new media on project management.

The Sensible Project Manager Podcast

Mark Phillipy:

Now at 30 episodes, Mark Phillipy combines opinions, reviews and interviews. These tend to be long-form listens from 20 to 60 minutes, targeted towards new and aspiring project managers. Mark is new to me, having discovered his podcast in researching this article.

Later Additions…

The Sunday Lunch Project Manager

Nigel Creaser:

Discovering the rich and varied background of the leading names in project management from around the globe.  Nigel Creaser likes to record in-depth conversations about how they became project managers and advice they have for the rest of us. Plus he allows a light sprinkling of shameless self-promotion from his guests and for his own project management books and services. Disclosure: I was his guest in July 2019, for broadcast in autumn 2019. His website also has blog posts, at: The Sunday Lunch Project.

What are Your favourites?

Do you have a favourite project management podcast?

Whether it is one of these or – especially – if we missed it; please tell us which project management podcasts you particularly like, and why.
Use the comments below, and we’ll reply to every comment.

And don’t be coy about promoting your own podcast!
Because everyone’s welcome.

About the Author Mike Clayton

Dr Mike Clayton is one of the most successful and in-demand project management trainers in the UK. He is author of 14 best-selling books, including four about project management. He is also a prolific blogger and contributor to and Project, the journal of the Association for Project Management. Between 1990 and 2002, Mike was a successful project manager, leading large project teams and delivering complex projects. In 2016, Mike launched OnlinePMCourses.

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  • Dave Gordon says:

    Excellent list, Mike. Let me add a few:

    Lisette Sutherland’s blog is focused on working remotely and managing globally distributed teams.

    Michael Smith is releasing podcasts again at the TeraTech blog. They are Cold Fusion specialists, but their podcasts cover a pretty broad range of topics.

    Ryan Ripley’s Agile for Humans podcast is a great draw if you are into Scrum and other Agile methods. He’s had a wide range of guests, from coaches to practitioners and I just finished listening to his interview with Lisa Crispin on Agile testing, co-authoring, and co-presenting.

    The Agile Revolution has Craig Smith, Renee Troughton, and Tony Ponton interviewing Agile, Lean, and Kanban thought leaders from their home base in Australia.

    The Agile Path podcast is new, but host John LeDrew uses a very polished style. While most bloggers use the “guys sitting around a microphone” approach with minimal editing, John knits together commentary with excerpts from interviews with multiple thought leaders in a style similar to National Public Radio’s “This American Life” to tell a story. Highly recommended.

    Finally, there’s Kara Swisher at Recode Decode, who is a journalist by trade and plainly drinks too much coffee, even by my standard. She “gets” a lot of tech industry thought leaders from her base in Silicon Valley.

    • Mike Clayton says:

      Wow, thank you, Dave.
      This is a brilliant set of additions, you’ve offered. I’ll look forward to checking them out. I’m not so knowledgable about tech-heavy projects, so most of these are way off my radar, so I’m very grateful.
      Lisette Sutherland’s blog looks really interesting to me, as I have often bemoaned the lack of good information about remote teams. I’m keen to study her site and reach out to Lisette for a guest post. Watch this space!
      best regards

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