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What’s Up With PRINCE2 2017? Get Up-to-date.

What's up with PRINCE2 2017?

This year, PRINCE2 becomes PRINCE2 2017. What is PRINCE 2 and what are the main changes we can expect?

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12 Essential Project Management Trends

12 Essential Project Management Trends

If you search on ‘Project Management Trends’, you will find lots of articles and reports. Each of these will detail its own list of Project Management trends. However, some of them will overlap, while other will be contradictory. I have pored over as many of these as I can find, and extracted the twelve project management trends that I think are most interesting.Continue reading

Hard and Soft Project Management Skills

Blog - Hard and Soft Project Management Skills

You have probably heard of ‘hard and soft Project Management’. In fact, you may have come across an artificially concocted debate about the merits of hard versus soft Project Management. In this article, I want to assess what the terms hard and soft mean, and why they are not in opposition to each other. Continue reading

The Ten Critical Things to Learn about Project Management

What you need to learn about project management - 10 Critical Concepts

So, you want to learn about project management?

Great. You want to learn about Project Management.

It is not only a fabulous discipline for building a career around, it is one of the most valuable life-skills you can acquire.

But if you had to be selective, and needed to focus on just ten things, what would they be? I have around twenty years of experience in training project management courses, and delivering projects, so I have thought about this carefully. Even so, it’s a difficult challenge. But, just for you, I have finally honed my list down to the ten critical things to learn about project management.Continue reading

10 Revealing Questions to find the Best Project Management Course

Which Project Management Course?

Do you want to Find the Best Project Management Course for You?

Do you want to find the best Project Management course for you?

Of course you do. It is an important decision, because:

  • you will be investing a considerable amount of time in your learning
  • the outcome matter to you… or you wouldn’t be bothering
  • you will be spending a moderate to large chunk of money

So let’s get the money question out of the way first. You do need to know how much the course will cost, but money should not drive your decision. Instead, what you are looking for is a course that best meets the criteria in the ten questions I will set out, that makes you feel comfortable with the purchase you are potentially about to make, and for which the cost is consistent with what you will get.Continue reading

Is an Online Project Management Course better than Live Training? (10 reasons why it is)

A Good Online Project Management Course Beats Live Training

I love doing a live Project Management course.

The interaction with participants and the chance to take the course in whatever direction they choose isn’t just challenging; it’s fun. And, for the last 14 years, I’ve done more Project Management training than anything else. I’ve given nearly 500 project management courses and seminars, for over 5,000 new and experienced project managers. But now, I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that an online Project management course is even better.

Ten reasons why Online is Better

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Are You Ready for a Project Management Course (Why you are)?

A good Project Management Course will link up with others, creating a web of knowledge

Do you want to learn about project management?

If you do, I remember that feeling too. There was a time when I wanted to go on a project management course more than anything else, in my working life.

I also remember thinking ‘I’ve never done anything like this before. I hope I’ll follow it.’

What we think our project management knowledge looks like

What we think our project management knowledge looks like

Although you are probably just the same as I was… You may be keen to learn because you suspect that project management is a great career. But you may also be wondering if it is all a bit too complicated. There’s a lot of jargon to come to terms with (and you can get our Decode the Jargon of Project Management eBook by clicking here) , there’s complicated looking charts, and there are systems, processes and tools.

Most people think their project management knowledge looks like a little dot, within a vast pool of unknown knowledge and skills.

Nothing could be further from the truth.Continue reading