I Want to Study for Project Management Professional (PMP)

We have put this page together to help you, if either:

  • You want to study for your PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) qualification, or
  • You are considering it

On this page, we have colated all of our information, tools, and resources, to help you from your first investigations, to your final exams. 

And, to keep it simple, we have divided it into Five Steps (+one)...


You're thinking about the PMP qualification.

Project Management Professional, or PMP, is the premier qualification from the Project Management Institute, the PMI. And it is based on the PMI's Project Management Body of Knowledge; its PMBOK Guide. 

So, before we start, let's understand what the PMI and its PMBOK Guide are...


Now you Need to Inform Yourself about the PMP qualification.


You will have three questions to answer. And, to help you, there are three articles on our website that we wrote just for you...

  1. Should I get a Project Management Qualification?
  2. PMP Certification:
    What You Need to Know

And, because PMP is for experienced professionals, you may not be quite far enough in your career yet. 

Question 3

So, to find out whether you are ready for PMP, or will do better working towards the PMI's Certified Associate in Project Management qualification, take a look at...


Question 4

And there's another question we are often asked...


As you'd expect, we have an answer.


In this article, you'll learn:

  • What types of qualifications there are
  • The reasons for getting a qualification
  • Which type is right for you


In this article, you'll learn:

  • What the PMP qualification is - and is not
  • The case for investing your time, energy, and money in PMP
  • The process of becoming a PMP from start to qualification
  • What the PMP exam covers
  • Resources to help you succeed


In this article, you'll learn:

  • The basics of each qualification
  • Which one is right for you


PMP or PRINCE2? Unraveling the Knot

In this article, you'll learn:

  • What PMP and PRINCE2 are
  • How they differ - and the similarities
  • Who should consider each of them

An Update on Changes to the PMP Examination


The PMP Exam is set to change from 1 July 2020

So, here is what we know about the changes...

PMP Exam Changes - July 2020
PMBOK 7 is on its way... What we Know

But even bigger changes are in the air...

The PMI's Project management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) is revised on a 4 (ish) year cycle.

PMBOK Guide 6th Edition came out in September 2017.
So, the clock is ticking.
And we keep track of everything that there is to know.


Now you've made your decision, you're firmly on your learning journey.

Stage 1: Preparation

The first stage is preparing to learn. 

Start by joining the PMI, if you aren't already a member. It will save you money on the whole process.

Then, we have two recommendations to get you started:

  1. You'll need the official PMBOK Guide. It's not a fun read, especially with the gray 'piracy-proof' paper of the print edition. But it is the authoritative guide.

    You can get a free PDF download if you are a PMI member, and buy the print edition from them. Alternatively, you can also get the print edition from:
  2. If it's been a while since the last time you did some studying, you'll want to brush up on how to get the best from your Project Management learning.

What's that book with the PMBOK Guide?

That's the Agile Practice Guide. You'll need that too, for the PMP exam. And it's cheaper to buy the two guides together in a bundle.

You can find out more about Agile Project Management and the PMP exam, below.

If you're familiar with the old 5th Editionof the PMBOK Guide, take a look at our article:
'What is New with the PMBOK 6th Edition?'


In this article, you'll learn:

  • 3 Questions to ask before you start
  • 10 Principles to help you learn effectively

Stage 2: Structured Learning

The second stage is structured learning. 

Start with our PMP Exam Prep Guide

Start by planning your PMP Exam Preparation campaign. To help you with this, we've created our PMP Exam Prep Guide, available in two editions:

  1. The FREE Standard edition
  2. A low-priced Premium edition

You can compare the two editions and sign-up for the one you want, here.

Then, you'll need a full Exam Preparation package

These can take you through all the content you need to learn. They will explain the ideas and give you the knowledge that PMI requires for its PMP Examination.

We offer two options, both with free trials, so you can decide whih is right for you.

Option 1: We have partnered with the Professional Training Center of Excellence (PTCoE) to offer you a comprehensive PMP Certification program:

  1. 95 video lessons / 20 hours
  2. Full exam simulator
  3. 45 PMI Contact hours

Option 2: We've also partnered with industry-leading PM PrepCast to offer their programs. We recommend PMP PrepCast Elite, with:

  1. 150 video lessons / 50+ hours
  2. Full exam simulator
  3. 35 PMI Contact hours

Both PTCoE and PM PrepCast are PMI Registered Education Providers (REPs)



PMP Exam Prep Guide

'Yes , I've bagged the coveted title. I Want to really thank you for all the support/assistance provided during my journey of bagging this title. Your program is really to the point and unique, that has contributed to the success of cracking this exam.' - Raijni (PMP)

With this course, you get the tools and knowledge to plan your PMP preparation campaign, in two versions:

  • The FREE Standard edition
  • A low-priced Premium edition
  • ​3​​​​

    PM PrepCast

    PM PrepCast is the best-known, most widely-used PMP course and exam simulator. PrepCast Elite offers:

    • 150+ lessons / 50+ hours of video
    • FREE trial available
    • Discussion forum and exam strategies support
    • Exam simulator with over 1,200 questions
    • 35 PMI contact hours


    PMP® and CAPM® Exam Preparation

    With this course, you get:

    • 95 lessons / 20 hours of video
    • First 30 lessons FREE (no sign-up needed)
    • Integrated flash cards
    • Exam simulator with over 1,000 questions
    • 45 PMI contact hours


    PM PrepCast for CAPM

    If you aren't ready for PMP, but want to study for CAPM, PrepCast for CAPM Elite is designed for you. It offers:

    • 120+ video lessons
    • FREE trial available
    • Discussion forum and exam strategies support
    • Exam simulator with over 600 questions
    • 23 PMI contact hours

    Okay, but how do the PTCoE and PM PrepCast courses compare?


    Don't worry, we have you covered with a comprehensive comparison of the two programs.

    Not only that, though...

    Try before you buy

    • PTCoE's PMP & CAPM Exam Preparation gives you 30% of the course free
    • PM PrepCast has Free Trial lessons and a 90-day guarantee
    PMP Course Comparison - PM PrepCast & PTCoE

    PMP and Agile Project Management

    For the first time, the Sixth Edition of the PMBOK Guide introduced Agile Project Management into the PMP syllabus.

    So, you'll need to learn about Agile Project Management.


    Let's start with a five-minute video, answering the basic question:

    'What is Agile Project Management?'


    Free Academy of Project Management

    This is one of a growing collection of videos in the Agile Project Management course, within our Free Academy of Project Management.


    Agile Project Management

    And, we link to loads of other resources including free articles on this site, at our Agile Project Management page.


    PRINCE2 Agile

    Comprehensive article...

    With some basic information about Agile, it's time to learn what the PMI's Agile Practctice Guide covers.

    In this article, you'll learn about:

    1. What the guide is... and is not
    2. What's in the guide (with summaries)
    3. Our response to the Guide
    4. The Guide's impact on PMI qualifications: PMP, CAPM, PMI-ACP


    PRINCE2 Agile

    Comprehensive article...

    In this article, you'll learn about the different providers in three tiers:

    1. Principal Agile PM promotors
    2. Major PM organizations
    3. Third party organizations


    How to Prepare for PMI-ACP Certification

    And, if you want to study for the PMI's own PMI-ACP Certification... 

    You will develop a plan to achieve PMI-ACP certification and develop a clear understanding of the potential career paths for an Agile Project Manager.

    '...does an excellent job of breaking down the PMI-ACP Certification requirements and exam. The content is for the latest version, so it is very relevant...' 

    Stage 3: Informal Learning

    Supplement your formal, structured learning with informal learning.

    We have plenty of FREE resources on our site, for you to enjoy and learn from.

    Here's a taster...


    Project Management Articles

    And, of course, we always recommend you pick up a good book on the subject

    So, here are our picks for the best books to help you with your studies...

    A Guide to The Project Management Body of Knowledge - 6th Edition 


    PMBOK Guide 6th Edition

    '...in my opinion you must read this book, at least 3 times through (I read it 3 times through) before taking the exam.'

    In paperback and in kindle...

    Head First PMP 3rd Edition

    A Learner's Companion to Passing the Project Management Professional Exam.

    Head First PMP - Jennifer Greene & Andrew Stellman

    '...this book really breaks down the concepts for much easier understanding...'

    In paperback and in kindle...

    Rita Mulcahy's PMP Exam Prep 8th Edition

    Rita's Course in a book, for passing the PMP Exam.

    PMP ExamPrep - Rita Mulcahy

    'Great examples, great exercises, exceptional process & equation charts, a process game, etc.'

    In paperback...

    The PMP Exam 5th Edition

    How to Pass on Your First Try.

    The PMP Exam - Andy Crowe

    'The explanations were clearer and better than any other book I read. It struck the perfect balance for me.'

    In paperback...


    The best exam preparation is a simulated exam.

    We have two options for you...

    Option 1: PTCoE
    Our PMP & CAPM Exam Preparation program does not just include nearly 100 lessons... It includes a full exam simulator, with 1,036 practice questions.

    Option 2: PM PrepCast
    And PM PrepCast sells their full PMP exam simulator as a stand alone item, with a try-before-you-buy option. Includes worksheets, exam tips and a student discussion forum.

    PMP® and CAPM® Exam Preparation

    Best of all, try before you buy.

    You can start today and get the first 30 lessons FREE, without even signing-up.

    PM PrepCast

    Get ready for your PMP Exam with the best PMP Exam Simulator on the market. 

    1,600+ realistic PMP exam sample questions in 8 exams. Simulates the unpredictable variety of the real PMI exam.


    Get the exam simulator completely FREE, nada, gratis, no charge, and no email sign-up.



    For the PMI's PMP® and CAPM® exams, you need to buy the vouchers from PMI directly. 


    Now You're a PMP, a Project Management Professional

    The PMI is currently the most widely used source of professional project management accreditation. To win your coveted PMP (or CAPM or PMI-ACP), to had to chalk up enough education Contact Hours.

    Now, to maintain them, you’ll also need Professional Development Units, or PDUs.

    PMI Contact Hours and PDUs

    Comprehensive article...

    In this article, you'll learn about PMI PDUs, the requirements for them, and how to earn and record them.

    You'll also need to Understand the Talent Triangle...

    The PMI Talent Triangle - A Guide

    The PMI Talent Triangle is a simple tool that reminds us all about the value of a broad range of professional skills. It is all too easy to settle for excellent technical skills and think ‘that’s it. I have project management nailed.’

    Not at all. And we have a comprehensive article to help you understand the Talent Triangle...

    PM PrepCast Basic

    If you learnt for your exam with another provider...

    The Project Management PrepCast Basic has all the learning, but no exam simulator. And best of all, it offers 560 pre-approved PMI PDUs.

    • 40.75 PDUs Technical
    • 9.50 PDUs Leadership
    • 9.75 PDUs Strategic
    The PDU Podcast

    Earn PMI PDUs wherever and whenever you like, with a three year series of 36 monthly webinars

    Your PDUs come to you - subscribe for a new webinar every month or, iIf you are in a hurry, buy now for 12, 24, or even all 36 at once.

    • Automatically get pre-approved PDUs - at least 1 per month, correctly mapped to the three sides of the Talent Triangle
    • Learn from 25 Renowned Project Management Experts
    • Works on phone, tablet, or PC - whenever & wherever you want
    • Starts at only $19

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