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What is the PMI? | Video

What is the PMI?

The PMI (Project Management Institute) is the largest professional association for project managers.
What does that mean, exactly?

So, what is the PMI?

Dr Mike Clayton is founder of
Here, he answers this question, in under 5 minutes.

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Essential Guide to Project Management Contracting

Could Project Management Contracting be for me?

The thoughts often start when you’ve been working alongside other contractors for a while. You might think:

‘They’re only doing what I’ve been doing for years. Yet they’re getting paid a lot more for it’.

Or it might be thoughts about being on the treadmill of corporate life. You know you only have so many years left and you’d really like to go it alone before it’s too late.

Or perhaps you’ve been through redundancy rather than wilfully jumping headlong into an exciting new adventure.

This article is brought to you be Project Management recruiter, Lindsay Scott. Lindsay is co-founder of Arras People.

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Terrific Insights from the Annual PMI Project Management Review 2016

PMI Project Management Pulse of the Profession Review 2016

The eighth PMI Project Management annual review is called ‘The High Cost of Low Performance‘. It contains some important findings for businesses, executives, and project managers.

In this article, I will extract the juicy bits and add our own OnlinePMCourses comment to some of the PMI’s own conclusions.

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Discover the Secrets of How to Be a Project Manager

How to be a Project Manager

Most of the articles on this website are highly practical. They are about how to ‘do’ Project Management. But it seems time to write something a little different… Perhaps something a little more thoughtful. I have been considering what it takes to be a Project Manager.Continue reading

Will You Make a Good Project Manager?

Good Project Manager

If you are a Project Manager… Or if you are going to become a Project Manager… Then I don’t doubt that you want to be a good Project Manager.

In a world of mediocrity and averageness, it is pleasing that nearly every Project Manager I meet aspires to do their job well. So I’d like to share with you my insights about the seven things that go into making a good Project Manager.Continue reading

How to Prepare for Your Project Management Interview

Project Management Interview

In last week’s article we looked at how to get a Project Management job. If you decide to move outside your current organization, that will almost certainly mean facing a Project Management interview. I am sure there are many great sites that can help you prepare for a job interview, but this article will focus on two things:Continue reading

How to Get a Project Management Job

How to Get a Project Management Job

Getting a Project Management job is something of a ‘chicken and egg’ problem…

On the one hand, it’s hard to get a Project Management job without experience. On the other hand, how can you get experience, without a Project Management job?Continue reading

Are Project Management Skills Transferable? (Ten Big ones that are)

Transferable Project Management Skills

Project Management is a valuable skill-set. Project Management skills enable you to deliver big, complex, important changes. And organizations are prepared to pay for that. This is what makes Project Management a career option. The fact that you can get a lot of personal reward from doing this. And guess what: organizations will pay you well too. This is what makes Project Management an attractive career option.

But not everyone wants to build a Project Management career. You may have got the skills of Project Management for a specific Project. Maybe you got them as a part of your overall professional or managerial skill-set. Or maybe you set of on building a Project Management career, and then discover that this is not the career for you. At this point, you may wonder, how useful will these Project Management skills be, in other areas of my work? Are my Project Management skills transferable to other domains.

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Why a Project Management Career? (13 Good Reasons)

Why take up a Project Management Career

Why should you choose a Project Management career? This seems a foolish question to ask. Especially as my audience is probably made up of project managers and aspiring project managers.

Project management is a well-paid professionalism (Reason 1). It offers substantial status (Reason 2). And for many people, its main attraction is the pleasure of knowing that, by delivering projects effectively and efficiently, we create the assets and changes that drive growth and prosperity (Reason 3).


But is there a Demand that Makes a Project Management Career Attractive?

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