Three Kinds of Stupid: Avoid Project Failure | Video

Three Kinds of Stupid - Avoid Project Failure

In a recent video, I talked about being a Smarter Project Manager. Now I look at the three things that people regard as particularly stupid.

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Project Management Knowledge Areas: How Many Are There? [Not 10]

Project Management Knowledge Areas: How Many Are There? [Not 10]

Whenever there is a body of knowledge, it helps to divide it up. So, we have Knowledge Areas. These are domains within the wider body.

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What to Put in Your Risk Register (Risk Log) | Video

What to Put in Your Risk Register

Risk Management is one of the core skills of project management. And your Risk Register – or Risk Log – is the primary tool you’ll use.

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Three Concepts to Make You a Smarter Project Manager | Video

Three Concepts to Make You a Smarter Project Manager

One of my favorite books is John Brockman’s ‘This will Make you Smarter’. Here are 3 less well-known concepts that will make you a smarter Project Manager.

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How to Get Your Next Lessons Learned Meeting Right

How to Get Your Lessons Learned Meeting Right

There’s one Project technique that has the capacity to transform your skillset and raise your Project Management to the next level: the Lessons Learned review. So, in this article, we will take a look at everything you need to know about how to make your next lessons learned meeting a great success.

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How to Manage Multiple Projects | Video

How to Manage Multiple Projects

As you become a more experienced Project Manager, you will one day be called upon to manage multiple projects. And this does not just apply to full-time Project Managers… How to do this is a question I have get a lot from project managers, operational managers, and professionals. They have been given two or more […]

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Discovery Mode: Cheese or Owl? | Video

Discovery Mode - Cheese or Owl?

If you want your team to solve problems more effectively, you need to get them into Discovery Mode. Put another way, is it to be Cheese or Owl?

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The Secret of Project Delivery: Project Implementation Heartbeat

Project Implementation (aka project delivery or execution) is when things get going. After definition, scoping & planning, it’s time to make things happen.
Here’s where you implement your project, execute your plan, and deliver the benefits your sponsor commissioned. So, although I’d argue that this is the easy bit, you have to get it right.

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What is Servant Leadership? Project Leadership at its Best | Video

What is Servant Leadership?

I’d argue that servant leadership the an approach no leader can afford to ignore. So, in this video, I’ll answer the question: ‘What is Servant Leadership?’

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Get to Grips with Project Politics | Video

Get to Grips with Project Politics

As a Project Manager, you need to get to grips with Project Politics. But you may say:’I’m a Project Manager; not a Politician.’ Well, you’re both!

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