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Project Management and Grit | Video

Project Management and Grit | Video

The idea of Grit as a personal quality has become popular, due to the work of researcher, Angela Lee Duckworth. And especially due to her massively popular TED talk and the book she followed it up with, called ‘Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance’

Angela Lee Duckworth defines Grit as:

‘Perseverance and passion for long term goals.’

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What is Grit?

Grit is staying power, or perseverance. It is the stamina to take on a compelling cause and the passion and determination to keep going when others might not.

The Pragmatic Value of Grit

I hope it is obvious why these are valuable to you, as a Project Manager. I think of these as the ‘pragmatic value’ of Grit. That is, they have value in getting the job done. But there are two other reasons to value Grit highly for us. And these are what I refer to as the transformational value of grit. The

Transformational Value of Grit

Transforming You – Your Career

As you will appreciate, a long-term, successful professional career does not happen overnight. It takes dedication. You need a clear goal, intention, tenacity, and resilience. In other words: Grit.

If you want to reach a point where you are a highly respected (and well-remunerated) professional, get some grit!

Transforming the People around You

The components of grit – and therefore, grit itself – are inspiring qualities. They have an appeal that will lead people to want to follow you. They will inspire:

  • loyalty in team members
  • confidence in stakeholders
  • support from your bosses

Learn more…

I wrote a long article about grit – focusing on how to develop it: ‘Grit: Why You Need it and How to Get it’

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