8 February, 2022

Project Cost Management and Self Preservation | Video

Project Cost Management is a popular topic. Not because people enjoy it, though. Mostly because people don’t know how to do it. And it’s not part of many Project Management training courses.

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My History with Project Cost Management is Unusual.

My father was a Shopkeeper and was always cautious with money. And that rubbed off on me. So, I found speaking and writing about project cost management difficult because I find cost management so… obvious. Not easy: I know there are a lot of sophisticated tools. But I do it almost by instinct.

No one Taught me Project Cost Management.

I kind of figured it out for myself.

And, as a practicing PM, back in the 1990s and the early 2000s, I had pretty poor tools to work with. My firm’s Management Information System (MIS) was poor for project cost control. This was despite the firm being accountancy-based, and organized to deliver projects. 

I know they changed the system shortly after I left. But as a result, I have never worked with a sophisticated Project Management Information System. (PMIS – careful how you say it).

In fact, when I was managing project costs, I resorted to creating my own spreadsheets. And these were multi-million-dollar projects! 

I took a lot of time learning how budgets and cash flows work, and how to build robust spreadsheets. I also spent time with those spreadsheets, to get a deep understanding of the numbers and what they meant. 


This was time well spent. My bosses and my clients took a profound interest in Project costs. And nothing pushes cost management up your priority list better than strict oversight. 

As a project manager, I had two sets of performance measures against which I was primarily judged:

  1. Client satisfaction 
  2. Financial metrics.

Getting good at cost management was a matter of self-preservation!

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