24 November, 2020

The Project Control Paradox | Video

Project Control is an important part of our discipline as Project Managers. But it carries within it a paradox…

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Project Truths

Anyone who has been to any of my live events will know that I have a few project management ‘catch phrases’ that I sometimes repeat within a talk, seminar, or training program.

I hope these sum up fundamental project principles, which I want my audience to really remember and embed in your understanding and practice.

The Rule of Project Control

One of those ‘rules’ is:

‘The one thing that project managers crave, above all else, is control.’

Arguably that’s what project management is all about: exerting control over uncertain events, to create the conditions needed to deliver something new and demanding.

Losing Control

But sometimes we get ourselves so focused on controlling each element of our project, that we start to lose control of it.

Every snag, every hitch, every setback has a solution; if only we can find it. And we’re good at that; it’s what we do. But we are so focused on the monitor and control cycle of assessing progress and intervening to fix problems, that we lose sight of the bigger picture.

And that’s how we end up in the death spiral of a failing project where, day-to-day, we seem to be holding on.

The Project Control Paradox

Sometimes, you have to stop trying to control the details and step back to look at the whole situation. Sometimes we need to create a new strategy and re-plan.

Because, if you aren’t in control of how your whole project fits into the current context, there’s no value in being in control of the individual objectives, deliverables, or relationships.

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