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Podcast: The Importance of Project Definition

The Importance of Project Definition

Without a strong Project Definition, your project will be on shaky ground. It underpins everything you’ll do. A good project definition sets out what your project will achieve and starts the process of describing how you’ll do it.  And it does much more. There’s a lot of work in a good project definition, but it is an investment that pays handsomely.

Johnny Beirne at Project Management Paradise asked me to do a second podcast interview*. So when he suggested we focus on Project Definition, I jumped at the chance.

Johnny was keen to focus on the basics. So, this 30-minute interview can add make valuable contribution to your project management education.

*  My first Project Management Paradise Interview was Risk Management Explained.


The Importance of Project Definition

The Project Management Paradise Podcast

I enjoyed my first interview with Johnny Beirne, around a year ago, when we talked about risk. Here was a chance to talk about another topic that particularly interests me.

Johnny Beirne - Project Management Paradise

Johnny Beirne – Project Management Paradise

Johnny takes a gentle approach to interviewing. He asks big, wide questions. And then he sits back and gives his interviewees space to speak. But then, he hits you with a sharp question that takes you in an interesting direction that you may not have considered.

The result is a fascinating interview that I’m very proud of.

The Project Management Paradise website and its podcasts are sponsored by Cora Systems. They build enterprise portfolio and project management solutions.

The Importance of Project Definition podcast page is on the Project Management Paradise website.

The Importance of Project Definition

So, Johnny started by warming me up with an overview of what project definition means. We also looked at why it’s so important.

The Importance of Project Definition

The Importance of Project Definition

Then we got int details, and here are some of the questions Johnny asked:

  • What are the components of a Project Definition?
  • Who are the main players in the process?
  • How does this relate to the all-important commercial dimension?
  • What can go wrong with a Project Definition?
    That was a good question, by the way. There are four main things.
  • We’ve all heard of SMART Objectives – You see them everywhere. How do these apply to project definition?
  • Finally, Johnny asked me for my top tip.

I recommend you either set aside 30 minutes to listen. Or you can download it for your next run, cycle, car journey or other opportunity. You can do this via iTunes or Stitcher at the Project Management Paradise website.

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Here is the Podcast


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