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What is PMTQ – Project Management Technology Quotient? | Video

What is PMTQ - Project Management Technology Quotient? | Video

PMI coined the term PMTQ – Project Management Technology Quotient – in 2019. In this video, we’ll look at what it is.

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In 2019, the PMI released a report on the Future of Work, based on its 11th Pulse of the Profession Survey. It was called ‘Leading the Way with PMTQ’ and introduced the idea of Project Management Technology Quotient (PMTQ).

What is Technology Quotient?

And what does the PMI mean by Project Management Technology Quotient (PMTQ)?

Let’s start with Technology Quotient (TQ)

The term seems to have been in use since at least 2007. It refers to a measure of your ability to adapt to and work with technology.

But my favorite definition is John Burton’s. He wrote an article about ‘TQ and the Digital Skills Gap’, published by a technology management company, NPI.

This defines TQ as…

our ability to assimilate or adapt to technology changes by developing and employing strategies to successfully include technology in our work and life. A high TQ includes the right attitude, capabilities and decision- making strategies to fully leverage technology. A person with a high TQ:
– organizes work to take full advantage of available technology
– reaps a payback from taking technology risks
– takes advantage of the opportunities technology presents

‘TQ and the Digital Skills Gap’

The PMI seems to have coined the acronym PMTQ

PMI does not explicitly define PMTQ. But it’s clear what they mean by it. PMTQ is the ability to manage projects and have a high TQ. This combination is in demand in the job market, which can only increase.

It’s always been so. Project Managers have always had to be comfortable with technology. The pyramid builders needed Project Managers who understood rollers, levers, and pulleys.

PMI’s Conclusions

PMI concludes that constant digital disruption means organizations need innovation-driven cultures with people who can deal with new technology. Project Managers will lead these transformations to create new products, services, and cultures.

With high PMTQ, you can:

  • Understand the technology you are charged to implement, and
  • Properly manage and lead the technologists and engineers who will do the work.


In 2015, consulting firm McKinsey researched digital strategy, capabilities, and culture. Their report, ‘Raising Your Digital Quotient’ is wide-ranging, subtle, and thoughtful.

This report is aimed at corporate CEOs, and not Project Managers. It talks about company-wide culture and strategy. But it shares PMI’s conclusions.

Defining a High PMTQ

I compliment PMI on the 3 characteristics the report uses to define a high PMTQ. These are not the ‘obvious’ things like:

  • Know a lot about technology
  • Readily adopt new tools
  • Comfortable with change

Instead, we see subtle and mature thinking…

The Three Characteristics of High PMTQ

  1. Always-on Curiosity.
    PMI emphasizes experimentation. This is the curiosity to try out new approaches and assess their outcomes critically.
  2. All-inclusive Leadership.
    Managing a wildly diverse team of people and how they interact with technology. This will include people of different ages, skills, seniority, and location.
  3. A Future-proof Talent Pool.
    A high PMTQ project leader needs to constantly create opportunities for your team to develop the next skills they will need. A laissez-faire attitude that lets your team stand still will not serve you, them, nor your organization.

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