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Passing your PMI-ACP exam is tough...

It's supposed to be. The PMI requires a minimum of 3,500 hours of relevant professional experience.

And, although the PMI provides an examination content outline, there is no single textbook to learn from.

  1. There is no equivalent of the PMBOK Guide.
  2. And you'll need to get your head around 7 domains, 13 sub-domains, and 62 tasks for your 120-question exam.

So, you'll need a reliable guide...

You know you'll need help, and you'll ideally want it from a PMI Registered Education Provider (REP) that can give you:

  1. Guidance on how to prepare and what to learn.
  2. Clear explanations of all the concepts, methods, processes, and tools.
  3. A chance to test yourself under realistic conditions to assess your progress, gaps in your knowledge, and your readiness.
  4. Certainty on achieving your compulsory 21 education contact hours.
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Business people learning for PMI-ACP

OnlinePMCourses recommends the Project Management PrepCast

The Agile PrepCast Elite will fully equip you to succeed in your PMI-ACP exam.

It will make the skills, knowledge, tools, and techniques that you need to for pass your exam seem like second nature to you.

  • Video-based training
  • Realistic PMP exam simulator
  • Progress tracking
  • Accessible on computer, phone, and tablet
  • Constantly updated to current exam specs
  • Designed for fast learning and easy retention
  • Certified by PMP for 21 Contact Hours
  • Ironclad 90-day money-back guarantee
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OSP International LLC is a PMI Registered Education Provider, and abides by PMI established quality assurance criteria.

OnlinePMCourses Endorsed Provider

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What You Get with the Project Management PrepCast

Agile PrepCast Basic

Everything you need to master the skills, knowledge, tools, and techniques you'll need to pass your PMI-ACP exam. From the world's most popular PMP training provider.

  • Complete PMI-ACP training program
  • High quality video-based lessons
  • Accessible on computer, phone, and tablet
  • Certificate for 21 Contact Hours


Best for...
Experienced Project Managers who want the knowledge, explanations, and guided learning from an expert, but who can gauge their own progress, or are confident about exams.

PMI-ACP© Exam Simulator

Get ready for your PMI-ACPP Exam with the best PMI Exam Simulator on the market. 

480 realistic PMP exam sample questions in 4 exams. Simulates the unpredictable variety of the real PMI exam.

  • Access anywhere, anytime
  • Reduce study time and gain confidence
  • Discussion forum
  • Free worksheets and exam tips newsletter
  • Bonus exam strategies email course
  • 15-day money-back guarantee
  • Feel 100% ready for your exam


Agile PrepCast Elite

Everything in the basic version, plus test your knowledge with a realistic PMP exam simulator, track your progress and weak areas, and get free help with Live FeedbackTM

  • Complete PrepCast Basic training program
  • 480 questions in 4 exams
  • 90-day access to your simulator
  • Unlimited repeats of exam simulations


Best for...
Most PMI-ACP candidates. This is the package we most often recommend. Nothing beats simulated exams for assessing progress and giving confidence.

Better value: 
PrepCast Basic + Exam Simulator = PrepCast Elite
$229 + $99 = $328 $279


Agile PrepCast™ Elite PLUS

An even more complete exam prep package. It is essentially The Agile PrepCast™ Elite offered along with our PM StudyCoach Workbooks for PMI-ACP.

In summary, for $329, The Agile PrepCast™ Elite PLUS includes:

    •    The Agile PrepCast™
    •    The PMI-ACP Exam Simulator™
    •    The PM StudyCoach™ Workbooks for PMI-ACP


Do you need to earn PDUs towards renewing your PMI credential?

Then why not consider...

The Agile PrepCast Basic (for PDUs)

The Agile PrepCast is completely aligned with the PMI Talent Triangle®.

When you claim your PDUs on the PMI CCRS website you will automatically receive 40.5 PDUs for completing this program.

In addition, PM PrepCast will ensure that your PDUs are automatically mapped to the three sides of the Talent Triangle.

  • 31.50 Technical PDUs,
  • 6.0 Leadership PDUs and
  • 3.0 Strategic and Business PDUs.

(4.9/5.0) by 799 clients
Google Reviews 30 May 2019

There are almost 800 reviews on the PM PrepCast website.
The vast majority are 5 star - and almost all are at least 4-star.

Your Principal Instructor, Cornelius Fichtner PMP, CSM

Cornelius Fichtner

Cornelius has worked as a Project Manager in Switzerland, Germany and the USA since 1990, and received became a PM in April 2004. He has led projects in management consulting, national retailing, an internet startup, and a major US financial service provider. He has chaired the Project Management Institute Orange County Chapter.

Cornelius is the President of OSP International LLC, a PMI Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) based in California, USA.
The PM PrepCast is their flagship product. OSP has been coaching project managers to prepare for their PMP exam and other PMI credentials since 2006. Through OSP, Cornelius has led his team in coaching over 27,000 project managers to PMP certification. Under his leadership, OSP has become one of the leading online training companies for PMP exam preparation.

What OnlinePMCourses says...

Dr Mike Clayton, Founder of

I've known of Cornelius for nearly 15 years, and share a network of leading project management professionals in the US and Europe. But it was not until 2019 that we finally got together.

PM PrepCast has long been on my radar as the premier preparation program for project managers who are serious about gaining their PMP qualification with the minimum of bother. And I have met and spoken with many project managers with a PMP qualification, who speak highly of the PrepCast.

So, I was delighted to spend 90 minutes in detailed discussion with Cornelius and one of his senior team. Their professionalism impressed me. But more so, it was their ethical approach to business and their commitment to helping their learners. I am proud to recommend all of the PM PrepCast suite of learning products.

The Small Print (in full size)
Declaration: I am an affiliate of OSP International LLC. If you buy a course or product through one of my links, they will make a standard payment to me. This will not affect the cost to you, nor your rights in any way. You are their customer and they will look after you. However, they will, from time to time, alert me to special offers they are making, so I can advise my community.

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