PMI Qualifications and PDUs


We offer courses and content for Project Managers who aspire to a PMI qualification.

PMI Qualifications and PDUs
PMI Accreditation - Earn PDUs

And, if you have your certification, you'll want to maintain it by earning PDUs.

Project Management Professional (PMP)

Fully updated for the 2021 PMP Exam - follows the PMI ATP Syllabus

GreyCampus PMP Certification Training

Online Instructor-led PMP Training

Why to choose GreyCampus:

  • Attend multiple live bootcamps to repeat your learning
      Recordings of live training is also available
  • 4-day bootcamp format covers all 5 PMI lessons 
  • Additional learning content and simulated exams
  • 35 PMI Contact Hours
GreyCampus Logo

GreyCampus is a PMI Premier Authorised Training Provider (ATP) and offers the PMI course and PMI supporting materials.

PM PrepCast
Online Self-paced PMP Training

Why to choose PM PrepCast:

  • Learn at your own pace by watching 120+ instructional training videos
  • Strength in depth: Nearly 60,000 students since 2008
  • Best-in-class exam simulator bundled into course
  • Certificate for 35 PMI Contact Hours
PM PrepCast logo

PM PrepCast offers their Ironclad 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

PMP Study Guide - PMP Exam Prep Resource Kit

Project Manager's PMP Study Guide

The PMP Study Guide is not a course...

What I mean by this is simple. You cannot use it to learn Project Management. Nor will it teach you everything you need to know to prepare for your PMP exam (although it will cover a very large part of the knowledge you need).

Indeed, OnlinePMCourses is NOT a PMI Authorized Training Partner (ATP). And neither do we aspire to be.

I do not teach people the 'PMI way' and neither do I agree wholly with every approach PMI advocates.

So, what is this?

This is a Study Guide and a Resource Kit. It offers you guidance on how to prepare for your PMP exam, and provides easy access to all our resources that will help you to understand the Project Management ideas that the PMI examination syllabus requires you to know.

The 50 PMP Exam Prep Questions Everyone gets Wrong

The 50 PMP Exam Prep Questions Everyone Gets Wrong

Master the Hard Questions - Ace Your PMP Exam

This is a tremendous new asset for anyone considering taking the PMP exam.

Cornelius is the founder of the PM PrepCast and has years' of experience training PMP candidates.

And PrepCast has the world's best PMP exam simulator, which tens of thousands of candidates have used. So, nobody has a better data set to understand the PMP exam questions that most challenge candidates. And nobody is better equipped to explain those questions and how to interpret them

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

GreyCampus CAPM Certificatied Associate in Project Management

Online Instructor-led CAPM Training

Why to choose GreyCampus:

  • Live online Bootcamp (2/3-day classes)
  • 1 year access to audio-video lectures
  • 23 Contact Hour Certificate
  • 3 simulated exams
GreyCampus Logo

GreyCampus is a PMI Premier
Authorised Training Provider (ATP) .

PM PrepCast for CAPM

PM PrepCast
Online Video-based CAPM Training

Why to choose PM PrepCast:

  • High-quality online on-demand video training
  • Work when you choose with progress tracking
  • 23 Contact Hour Certificate
  • With or without PrepCast's leading 4 exam bundle 
PM PrepCast logo

PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)

GreyCampus PMI-ACP Certification Training

Online Instructor-led PMP Training

Why to choose GreyCampus:

  • Options: with or without live Bootcamp (3-day classes)
  • 1-year access to PMI approved audio-video lectures
  • 2 simulated PMI-ACP exams & 200 practice questions
  • 45 hours of content and 21 contact hour certificate
GreyCampus Logo

GreyCampus is a PMI Premier
Authorised Training Provider (ATP) .

Agile PrepCast - PMI-ACP

PM PrepCast
Online Instructor-led PMP Training

Why to choose PM PrepCast:

  • High-quality on-demand video-based lessons
  • Work when you choose with progress tracking
  • Certificate for 21 Contact Hours
  • With or without PrepCast's leading 4 exam bundle
PM PrepCast logo
How to Prepare for PMI-ACP Certification

How to Prepare for PMI-ACP Certification

Go Beyond Simply Passing the PMI-ACP Exam and Learn How to Transform Yourself into a High Impact Agile Project Management Role!

This course is NOT intended to be taken as a standalone course. It is designed to supplement the seven courses in the primary Agile Project Management curriculum shown below. It contains links to cross-reference the PMI-ACP certification requirements to material in the seven primary courses.

High Impact Project Management - Managed Agile

Earn PMI Professional Development Units (PDUs)

PMI Accreditation - Earn PDUs

All our courses allow you to claim PMI PDUs.

Our courses allow for PMI members to claim Professional Development Units (PDUs) by self-certification. 

Likewise, you can also submit Project Management Education Hours if you are a project manager who aspires to achieve PMI certification.

The PDU Podcast

Project Manager's PMP Exam Prep Guide

Earn PMI PDUs wherever and whenever you like...
with a three-year series of 36 monthly webinars

The PDU Podcast is an easy and low-cost way to earn your Professional Development Units (PDUs).

  • Your PDUs come to you - get a new webinar every month
  • If you are in a hurry, buy 12, 24, or even all 36 at once
  • Pre-approved PDUs - at least 1 per month
  • Learn from 25 Renowned Project Management Experts
  • Supplied by a PMI Authorised Training Partner (ATP)
  • Starts at only $19

The Small Print 
(in full size)

OnlinePMCourses Endorsed Provider

I am an affiliate of OSP International LLC (PM PrepCast), GreyCampus, and Chuck Cobb trading as The Agile Project Management Academy/High Impact Project Management.

I have evaluated courses from all of these providers and I consider them all to be of the highest quality - provided by deep Project Management experts. 

If you buy a course or product through one of my links, they will make a standard payment to me. This will not affect the cost to you, nor your rights in any way. You are their customer and they will look after you. However, they will, from time to time, alert me to special offers they are making, so I can advise my community.

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