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18 Routes to Better Project Management for 2017

Better Project Management

I suppose it’s traditional at this time of year. But why baulk at tradition? So I want to use this article to list ways you can deliver better project management in the coming year.

Now, of course, there will be many articles promising this, I am sure. And a lot of them will look very much like one-another. You can almost predict what they will say:

  • Be clear setting your project goals and objectives
  • Define your scope with great clarity
  • Manage your risk profile actively
  • Pay more attention to your stakeholders this year
  • … and so on

In truth, we’ve done articles like that, already, here, herehere, and here, for example. We’ll probably do more in the future, too.

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One Minute Project Manager: Applying the Principles to Projects

The One Minute Manager (by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson) is a deserved best-seller. Its guidance is simple and valuable for any manager. So how does it translate for a Project Manager? Could you be a One Minute Project Manager?Continue reading

Rapid Decision Making in Projects: How to Get it Right

Rapid Decision Making in Projects

In last week’s article, we looked at how to make robust project decisions. This week, I want to turn up the pressure to look at rapid decision making in projects.

What can you do to maintain the rigor, transparency, and reliability of your decision making, but also turn up the speed?

How can you make good decisions in a hurry?

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The Essential Guide to Robust Project Decision Making

Robust Project Decision Making

One of the challenges a new Project Manager faces is project decision making. It is easy to find the constant stream of small decisions overwhelming. But there’s more to it than that. Some decisions are big, and getting them right is a matter of good governance.

The Twin Challenges of Project Decision Making

Robust Project Decision Making
And so we have the two requirements of project decision making:

  1. The need to get it right, in terms of accountability, transparency, and approach, to satisfy the need for good governance
  2. The need to make project decisions quickly, to satisfy the need for speed, so you don’t hold up progress.

In this article we are going to focus on the need for good, robust, accountable project decision making. In next week’s article, we will look at how to satisfy the need for speed, and make a good decision in a hurry.Continue reading

Power Bases in Projects: Do You Have the Power?

Power Bases in Projects
Power Bases in Projects

Power Bases in Projects

Social power is the ability to influence other people. And Project Managers need to influence your stakeholders. So an understanding of Power Bases in projects is a valuable tool for your kit-bag.Continue reading

The Easy Way to Keep My Boss Happy

The Easy Way to Keep My Boss Happy - especially for Project Managers

There are many questions and concerns that new Project Managers have come to me with over the years. Some of them are highly technical and can stretch my Project Management experience. But my favourite ones are those which aren’t really Project Management problems at all. They are general management or workplace problems, for which Project skills give you an advantage. And none is a better example of this than the question: ‘How can I keep my boss happy?’Continue reading

Hard and Soft Project Management Skills

Blog - Hard and Soft Project Management Skills

You have probably heard of ‘hard and soft Project Management’. In fact, you may have come across an artificially concocted debate about the merits of hard versus soft Project Management. In this article, I want to assess what the terms hard and soft mean, and why they are not in opposition to each other. Continue reading

Why To-Do is so Old Fashioned

Convenient To-Do List

Do you use a To Do list?

Of course you do. Almost everyone in project management does.

What tends to differ is the form: a clean sheet from a memo pad, a running list in the back of a notebook, scraps of paper, sticky notes stuck everywhere, an app on your phone, your computer or your tablet… or all three, or even an astonishing feat of daily memorisation.

And there is nothing wrong with a To Do list

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Project Multi-tasking: The Multi-tasking Fallacy

Multi-tasking - Photo Credit Ryan Ritchie:

One of the most common topics that comes up in a talk or training session about project management is Multi-tasking.

Managing Several Projects at the Same Time

A common form of the multi-tasking question is this:

“How do I juggle managing of several projects at the same time?”

I have been getting this question at talks, seminars and training sessions for many years and I can remember clearly how I first dealt with question many years ago.Continue reading