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Imposter Syndrome: Do you sometimes feel you’re not up to the job? | Video

Imposter Syndrome: Do you sometimes feel you're not up to the job? | Video

It’s called ‘Imposter Syndrome’ and we all get it sometimes. How can you overcome it, when it really matters?

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Imposter Syndrome

It often manifests with the feeling of ‘how did I get here? I’m just a little kid.’ It can affect anyone from the newest employee to a 60-year-old CEO.

And Imposter Syndrome is rarely a problem…

Unless it turns to anxiety and then to a lack of confidence

And that’s one of the things people often tell me they’d like to be better equipped to deal with, as a Project Manager. There are three aspects to confidence And of course, they’re all closely related. There’s:

  • How you feel inside
  • How you appear to others
  • and How you make others feel

However, the different tips for each of them, that build on one another

I’ve put together a detailed article full of tips on the first three, which you can read on our website: Confidence: What You Need to Know to be a Confident Project Manager

Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

My tip for you combines a couple of the ideas from that article.

To really boost how you are feeling and how you come across to the people around you, step out to a cloakroom or somewhere private. Stand tall, pump the air and say to yourself ‘yes I can’ three or four times.

There’s a reason why sports people do this sort of thing. And it’s not just because coaches and sports psychologists find it amusing to watch. It works.

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