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I Don’t Like You – Trust and how to Deal with the Toughest Form of Resistance

I Don't Like You - Trust and how to Deal with the Toughest Form of Resistance | Video

One thing Project Managers most fear is resistance from one or more of your stakeholders. And one form of resistance is particularly hard to deal with. They may not say it outright. But the resistance amounts to something plain and simple: blunt even: ‘I don’t like you.’ And this is all about trust.

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How can you deal with ’I don’t like you’?

I don’t like you is a tricky one to deal with. It feels so… personal.

It may not be you

The first step is to recognize that it may not be you. It may just be something you represent to that stakeholder. Like authority, disruption, or a smart young professional with less experience than them.

But what if something about you means they don’t like you?

Well, the answer lies in what sort of relationship you need. The important thing is not that they like you. Rather it’s that they trust you. 

My tool for solving this puzzle is the Trust Equation

It was devised by David Maister, Charles Green, and Robert Galford. You’ll find it in their fabulous book, ‘The Trusted Advisor’.  

The Trust Equation relates the trust your stakeholder has in you to four factors:

  1. Your Credibility
    That is, your professional expertise and experience.
  2. Your Reliability
    The degree they feel you will do as you say you will.
  3. The Intimacy between you and that stakeholder
    That is, how comfortable they feel in sharing information with you.
  4. Your Self-orientation
    This is the degree to which they think your actions arise from self-interest.

So, Trust (T) is given by:

T = (C + R + I) / S

In the face of ‘I don’t like you’

Your response is to understand which elements of the trust equation are weak. My experience is that the trust issues on a project are often:

  • Credibility
    I don’t believe the changes are right.
  • Reliability
    You aren’t keeping me as well-informed about progress as I’d like
  • Intimacy
    You haven’t built a strong enough relationship with me
  • Self-orientation
    I don’t trust the motives of the organization

But, once you understand where trust is leaking away, you can start to address the issue, and build it up.

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