30 September, 2021

How to Build a RACI Chart | Video

IThe RACI Chart is one of the most important Project Tools. You will sometimes hear the terms RACI Matrix, Responsibility Matrix, or Linear Responsibility Chart (LRC). Let’s look at how to build one!

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RACI Chart and Linear Responsibility Chart (LRC)

In the video, I discuss the relationship between the RACI chart and the Linear Responsibility Chart.

RACI Chart

A RACI Chart takes its name from four roles that stakeholders can have for an individual piece of work, or task, on a project.

They can be:

  1. Responsible for doing all or some of the work
  2. Accountable for a piece of work
  3. Consulted
  4. Informed

So, here is a 7-step Process to Build a RACI Chart

  1. Identify all of the tasks that need to be completed.
  2. Identify all of your stakeholders.
  3. Fill in the role or roles that each stakeholder has for each task. That is, Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, or Informed.
  4. Carry out your sense checks (see later).
  5. Now consult your stakeholders.
  6. Finalize your RACI Chart.
  7. Publish your RACI Chart.

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RACI Chart Sense Checks

So, what are the seven checks you should make?

  1. Have you missed any tasks or any stakeholders?
  2. Is there someone Accountable for every task?
  3. Do you have any tasks with more than one Accountable person?
  4. Is there anyone who has been assigned too much responsibility?
  5. Is there any task with no one Responsible?
  6. Are there any tasks with too many people Responsible?
  7. Are there any tasks with too many people Consulted?

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