19 October, 2021

Good Meetings don’t Happen by Chance | Video

Sometimes the life of a project manager seems to be a constant trudge from one meeting to the next. And it doesn’t help that you are responsible for leading some of them! So, creating a good project meeting should be important to you.

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The Tips for Good Meetings

We’ve all seen the endless tip lists for good meetings:

  • Set an agenda in advance
  • Invite the right people only
  • Start on time
  • Make sure everyone gets to contribute
  • Use a parking lot to avoid getting side-tracked
  • Summarize and conclude as you go
  • Write down actions on a board
  • Follow up

And blah, blah, blah…

Been there, done that!

All these tips assume that your meeting follows a pretty standard pattern. 

But how often do you sit down, in a quiet place, with enough time, and design your project meetings?

What? Design a Good Meeting?

If I said you need to facilitate a two-day workshop, I bet you would spend between two and ten days designing and planning it. 

It’s important. Maybe 6 to 12 people are putting in a couple of days of their time. And the workshop needs to produce results.

But project meetings? They’re just an hour…

  • An hour a month, that is. 
  • …or maybe an hour a fortnight. 
  • …or perhaps an hour a week. 

And how long is your project? 

  • Six months? 
  • …a year
  • …or two?

Let’s take an 18-month project say

This is a reasonable average for the sort of business projects I used to run.

And assume you have a team of six people, meeting monthly.

And each meeting lasts an hour each time…

That’s over 100 staff hours. 

That’s about the same as those six people attending a two-day workshop.

Do you get it now?

Why aren’t you putting a couple of days over the course of your project, into designing and reviewing your project meetings?

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