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Strategy and Business Change

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As a professional Project Manager, you need a strong awareness of the business and strategic context of your project.


And you also need to understand how to facilitate and lead change within the organization that is sponsoring your projects.

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Course Structure

Project Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management is becoming a more important part of the project management world - especially at enterprise level.. So, what is Project Portfolio Management?

Project, Program or Portfolio Management Office

PMO stands for Project Management Office.
...or Program Management Office.
...or Portfolio Management Office.
So, what is PMO?

Business Blueprint

In the world of business transformation, what is the master plan that guides the definition and planning of your project? It's a Business Blueprint. So, what is a Business Blueprint?

Strategic Project Definition

If a project definition defines your project, what is a Strategic Project Definition?

If you aren't familiar with a project definition, we've added a bonus lecture at the end of this course.

Business Case

Before you get funding and approval for your project, you will first need to produce a Business Case. So, what is a Business Case?

Benefits Management

We do projects, so we can gain benefits. So, what is Benefits Management?

Change Management

Change Management is like a companion to Project Management. To be skilled at either, you need to be capable at both. So, what is Change Management?

The Change Curve

This video follow from the last. Now you know what Change Management is, let's look at how people change. This is easiest to explain using the metaphor of a curve that people follow.

There is no single change curve: there are many. And they are all useful to a Project Manager involved in change. So what is the change curve?

Bonus: Project Definition

The first stage of a formal project methodology is Project Definition. If you are not familiar with the idea of Project Definition, on which the first video in this course relies, I'll explain it here.