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Project Definition

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Arguably the most important stage in your Project is the first stage, Project Definition.

Here you get to define what your project is, and what it is not.


Think of it as the foundation layer of your project – onto which you build the framework of your plans. This is the stage that can assure you of the success you want… or deny it to you.

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Course Structure

Introduction: Defining Terms 3 Lessons

What is Project Definition

The first stage of a formal project methodology is Project Definition. So, what is a Project Definition?

Strategic Project Definition

If a project definition defines your project, what is a Strategic Project Definition?

Primary Project Hierarchy

One thing ties together many important project management concepts... so, what is the Primary Project Hierarchy?

Creating Your Project Definition 10 Lessons

Create your Project Definition

Does your Project have a firm foundation from Day 1? In this video, Mike Clayton will show you how to define your project, using the One-page Method, to cover the ten most important elements of your Project Definition.

Project Goal

Project goals are the bedrock of defining your project. They aren't even your foundation: they are more like the groundwork you do before laying your foundation. So what is a Project Goal exactly?

Project Objectives

Project objectives are a core part of your project definition. They are vital. So, what are project objectives?

The Project Manager's Iron Triangle

What is the Project Manager's Iron Triangle? It is also known as the Time-Cost-Quality Triangle, The Triple Constraint, and The Triangle of Balance.

Project Scope

Project Scope is easy to define, but the hardest part of a project manager's job. So, what is Project Scope?

MOSCOW Analysis

Scoping is the hardest part of Project Management. Luckily we have a great tool to use called MOSCOW Analysis.

What are RAID, CAD, and DCARI?

Defining your project is a vital task. And there are a lot of things to remember. Fortunately, we have some handy acronyms: RAID, CAD, and DCARI. You may find them helpful - or you may have heard them, and wondered what they mean.

What is an Assumptions Log?

You won't be able to proceed very far on your project, without making assumptions. So, what is an Assumptions Log?

What are External Dependencies in your Project?

When you are planning your project, you need to be mindful of all sorts of things. Some, you can control. Others are external, and you cannot. So, what are External Dependencies in your Project?

What are Project Constraints?

Some things constrain the choices you can make, when you plan and deliver your project. They get in your way and it will not do, to ignore​ them. So, what are Project Constraints?

Some More Terms 5 Lessons

Project Outcomes

It's easy to get confused: objectives, Outputs, Outcomes. But they are different, and the differences matter. So, what are Project Outcomes?


OKRs - just another three-letter acronym. It stands for Objectives and Key Results. So, now you know. But, what are OKRs?

Business Blueprint

In the world of business transformation, what is the master plan that guides the definition and planning of your project? It's a Business Blueprint. So, what is a Business Blueprint?

Functional Specification

On software and technical projects, there is a chain of project definition deliverables, and one of them is the Functional Specification. So, what is a Functional Specification?

What is Value Engineering?

As a Project Manager, you will one day find yourself in a meeting when someone makes the suggestion: 'I think we need to do some Value Engineering.' It's a necessary part of many projects.

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Project Definition Kit

You have a new Project coming up, and your first step is to Define it with Precision. What you need is to take a jumble of ideas, needs, and requests and turn it into a well-defined project brief. That's what you get with the Project Manager's Project Definition Kit.