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Agile Methodologies

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Agile Methodologies have become an important part of our project management toolkit – and not just for IT Project Managers.


Today, a large proportion of software projects, and a growing number of business projects are drawing upon Agile principles and toolsets. No project manager can afford to be ignorant of the basics.

So, in this Free course, we have collated videos that answer some of the basic questions, so you can quickly get up to speed with what’s out there. That way, you can decide on what knowledge and learning will serve you best in your career.

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Course Structure

Agile Project Management

Everyones is talking about it. And lots of project managers are doing it. So, Agile is clearly important. But what is Agile Project Management?

What is the Agile Triangle – Value, Quality, and Constraints

The Agile Triangle is the equivalent, in Agile Project Management, of the better known Iron Triangle.

Lean Project Management

These days, every organization seems to be going Lean.

So, what is Lean Project Management, and how does it relate to Agile?


Scrum is perhaps the most widely used of the Agile Project Management methodologies. So, what is Scrum?


Kanban originated in the manufacturing sector. But, recently, it has become a popular approach to managing projects. This is especially as it has been developed into an Agile Project Management methodology. So, what is Kanban?


You've heard of Scrum...
You've heard of Kanban...
So, what is Scrumban?

Planning Poker

Estimating project work package times and the times it will take to build products or deliverables is one of the most difficult parts of Project Management. One great tool is Planning Poker. It comes from the world of Agile Project management, and Scrum, but is far more widely applicable.

Cone of Uncertainty

The Cone of Uncertainty is a helpful way to understand the evolution of your project. So, what is the Cone of Uncertainty?

Minimum Viable Product - MVP

One of the terms that has become common in project management - especially in Agile projects - is Minimum Viable Product, or MVP.

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There is lots more to learn about Agile Project Management and its many methodologies.

And OnlinePMCourses has you fully covered.