Project Management Fundamentals

This course will introduce you to the absolute essentials of the four stages of Project Management.

1. Does your Project have a Firm Foundation from Day 1?

2. What are the Ten Things You Need to Build into Your Project Plan?

3. Are You Really In Control of Your Project?

4. What are the Essential Disciplines for Closing Your Project?

5 Lessons

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Team and Individual Leadership

As soon as you start managing your first project, you'll need to start leading people.

8 Lessons

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Strategy and Business Change

As a professional Project Manager, you need a strong awareness of the business and strategic context of your project.

And you also need to understand how to facilitate and lead change within the organization that is sponsoring your projects.

6 Lessons

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Project Planning Tools

Planning may not seem like a sexy activity, but you'd better believe it's at the heart of Project Management.

And an essential part of a Project Manager's skillset too.

We have a lot of tools to support us in planning our projects, and in this Free Academy of PM program, we have assembled descriptions of a wide selection.

9 Lessons

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