21 March, 2023

Four Questions to Ask about Your Project Today | Video

I believe it’s the quality of the questions you ask that mark you out as a professional. So, I want to suggest you ask four questions about your project.

You will learn something important about your project and they will help you to reduce risk and increase your control over your project.

This video is safe for viewing in the workplace.

This is learning, so, sit back and enjoy

Four Questions to Ask about Your Project

When you find the answers to these four questions, you will learn something important. Then, the measure of your leadership will be how you respond to them.

Are you ready?

Here goes…

Question 1

What is getting in the way of each member of your team from doing their very best work?

What does this question do? 

It will compel you to go and find out what each person is doing, and how they are performing against their potential. It also presupposes that everyone has more potential than they are showing right now. Which I certainly believe is true.

Question 2: 

Which elements of your project are not as fully in your control as they could be?

This question is about the one thing we care about most in our professional lives: control. But it does not fall for the error of thinking you can control everything. What it does is focus your attention on where you can get more control.

Question 3:  

What are you not thinking about, that can have a material impact on the future of your project?

Yes, the unknown known. Something you know that you are not facing up to. This question calls for some quiet reflection time – which every Project Manager should give themselves.

Question 4: 

What is the question you are not asking?

My final question invites you to practice finding a good question of your own, that fits your situation.

Often, we don’t see ask the obvious question because either it’s too obvious and we think we know the answer, or because we fear to ask it, in case we don’t like the answer!

What is your Question 4? Please do put your answers in the comments below.  

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