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Cracking Personal Productivity: 3 Things that Really Work | Video

Cracking Personal Productivity: 3 Things that Really Work | Video

You’re a Project Manager. Which means you’re a busy person. So that’s why it’s important that you crack personal productivity, and get more done in the time available.

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You’re on the lookout for ways to get more done, without stretching the length of your days even further.

When I was writing my most book about personal productivity, Powerhouse, I used project management principles as the basis for personal productivity. Powerhouse.

But you’re busy, so cutting out the theory and the principles, here are three things that I do and that really work to keep me productive.

Three Principles

The Planning Principle

Every Friday afternoon, I plan out next week. I divide each working day into 3-4 hour blocks and note what I want to achieve in each. I also review fixed commitments like calls, meetings, and events.

Works because: I block my most important big tasks into the week, ensuring they get my focus.

The Priming Principle

Each evening, I remind myself of what I will be doing first thing the next morning. Often I do creative stuff first thing.

Works because: My unconscious mind has all night to mull over my ideas, preparing me to ‘be creative’.

The Checklist Principle

When I get stuck, or feel I have a lot to do, I stop. I get a small sheet of paper. I list the things I need to get done and put a time estimate against them. Then I number them in red from 1 upwards, starting with the top priority. I stop when my estimated time total meets the time available.

Works because: Under stress, I create a moment of calm. When I resume, I don’t have to figure what’s next. I just follow the list. __

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About the Author Mike Clayton

Dr Mike Clayton is one of the most successful and in-demand project management trainers in the UK. He is author of 14 best-selling books, including four about project management. He is also a prolific blogger and contributor to and Project, the journal of the Association for Project Management. Between 1990 and 2002, Mike was a successful project manager, leading large project teams and delivering complex projects. In 2016, Mike launched OnlinePMCourses.

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