Technical Project Management
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What to Put in Your Risk Register (Risk Log)

Lesson 5 Chapter 1

Risk Management is one of the core skills of project management. And your Risk Register - or Risk Log - is the primary tool you'll use.

Risk registers come in many forms, but they all have two principal purposes:

  1. Creating transparency and audit trail to show you have acted diligently in guarding your client's, or your company's money, resources, and reputation
  2. A management tool to help you in your active management of risk

But, whatever form your risk register takes, it will hold the same basic set of information. If your project is large, complex, risky, or important, you'll use all of that set (and maybe some extra features). If your project is smaller, simpler, and less important, you may have a slimmed-down risk register with fewer data fields.

Whatever type of project, in this video, I discuss the basic set of data that you will want to consider for inclusion in your risk register. And, I will talk a little bit about each.