Does your Project have a Firm Foundation from Day 1?

How to Define Your Project to Create the Platform for the Success You Want

This video sets out the essential elements of your project definition. Without these in place, you cannot start to plan your project with any confidence.

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What you will learn in this video

Many people are intimidated by the thought of starting a Project from scratch... and maybe you feel the same way.
Other people dive straight in, with little or no thought... and pay the price later, when their Project fails.

You will be successful in your Project Management when you learn how to define it clearly from the outset.
In this video, I will show you the ten essential components of a robust project definition.
And none of them are hard to do!

  • Clarity on Your Goals and Objectives
    So you can be sure that your Project will deliver what your clients, customers, and bosses want.
  • Precision in Defining In and Out of Scope
    Because 'Scope Creep' is a common killer of Projects. This is your best way to avoid it.
  • A Tried and Tested Recipe
    Copy Mike's recipe for defining your Project, so you get a solid foundation to make your nest Project a success.
  • Mike's Easy Definition One-page Template
    See how I build up my one-page template to create an easy and robust project definition.

We have an article that expands on this video, using the same framework: The Key Components of Your Project Definition.

To learn more about Project Definition, try our Project Definition course in the Free Academy of Project Management.

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