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What are the Essential Disciplines for Closing Your Project?

... and now Your Project's Finished, What Next?

This video sets out the seven essential tasks for closing your project down. Often, you know your Projects is over, but it never seems to end. That's why you need to know these seven.

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What you will learn in this video

Okay, so you have delivered you Project. But that is not the end.
Now you need to close your Project in an orderly manner.

If you have ever managed a Project before, you may be familiar with the 'dripping tap' syndrome.
No matter what you do, you can't seem to completely close your Project.

This video sets out the seven essential steps, so you know how to close your Project properly.

For more detail on the project closure process, we have an in-depth article: Project Closure: Your Complete Guide to How to Close-down Your Project

  • The Boundary from Delivery to Closure
    What do you need to do to make the transition into the closure stage?
  • The Four Project Reviews
    There are four things you will need to review. I'll make sure you don't forget any!
  • Chalk and Cheese...
    The two things you will always need to do at the end of every Project.
  • Seal the Deal
    There's one thing that will ensure you close your Project... and it stays closed.

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