Beginner’s Guide to Project Management – Not for Idiots!

Welcome to our short Beginner's Guide to Project Management.

It's not really for dummies, or for idiots. Because that's not who you are. But there's no shame in being a beginner: we all started at the beginning!

In this lesson, I'll introduce you to all the basics a beginner project manager needs. We'll cover:

  1. 1
    What is a project, and what is project management?
  2. 2
    The two sorts of project management: 'traditional', predictive or planned PM and 'agile', adaptive PM
  3. 3
    - 'traditional', predictive or planned PM - 'agile', adaptive PM
  4. 4
    The Project Lifecycle of a planned project
  5. 5
    The core concept of all project management (traditional and agile)
  6. 6
    The eight steps in a predictive project - and the core skills of any project

This video won't make you into a fully-formed project manager. But it will give an absolute beginner all the basic information you need to get started.

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