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Mike Clayton's Training Clients
Dr Mike Clayton, Founder of

“Do you know that a career as a Project Manager is right for you...  
But you don't have all the skills you need to get you properly started.  
I know. 

That was me, once.”

Dr Mike Clayton, founder of OnlinePMCourses

So, what brings you here?

Are You Committed to Building a Project Management Career? But you feel like no-one has really understood your potential as a Project Manager?

... and now, every day that passes, you feel like you are missing more opportunities? 

Or are you faced with a Project Management challenge that is stretching you beyond anything you have taken on before now?

... and now you feel like you're fighting for control of the one Project that could be vital to your career?

Or do you need to improve the way you deliver your Projects to get more of them on schedule, on budget, and to the delight of your sponsors?

... and you feel like you're being judged unfairly. You need training and tools: not reminders and criticism?

I see this a lot...

It's not just you.

With the right training, you can take a massive leap forward in your knowedge, your skill level, and the results you can get.

But can your organization give you the training you need?

... and will they make it available to you, even if they can?

And, if you find the right training, will you be able to assimilate it and implement practical tips quickly and easily? A whole load of theory is all very well...

Dr Mike Clayton, Founder of

Dr Mike Clayton,
founder of OnlinePMCourses

“What I discovered is how to explain Project Management in a clear, step-by-step way.

Your training will be easy to understand and highly practical, so you can:

  • demonstrate you understanding easily
  • apply your knowledge effectively
  • get results quickly

The Project Manager's Immersion Program

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Project Manager's Immersion Program curriculum

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Enrol now with our 14-day money-back guarantee, to start learning immediately

By choosing The Project Manager's Immersion Program, you’ll get the following benefits:

Easy to Use 

Our online training is easy to use. You can access it where and when you want it.

You just need a browser, and you can start today.

Rapid Results

You will get instant 'aha moments' and ready-to-use tools and templates, today.

This means you can deliver real-world Project results tomorrow.


No travel, no lost work, no hotel fees, no subsistence. No other materials to buy.

It's all here in one package. Pay once: access for life.

How will you feel when you are able to deploy all the right tools at the right time?

You'll see positive results almost immediately, as you apply what you are learning. You'll rapidly gain control over your Project and start planning effectively and delivering to schedule.

And that means you'll quickly get the admiration of your colleagues, your customers or clients, and of your boss.

And if you have questions, you can just ask me - there is interactive Q&A built into all of our programs. So you can get clarification about what you are learning, and advice on how you can implement it on your projects.

'I'm always a bit skeptical about online courses. I am really enjoying the pace and the content. Each section is easy to grasp, take notes and reflect on. Also, I enjoy the fact that I'm learning from your wealth of experience and not someone regurgitating the PMBOK. I appreciate your passion for the craft.'

- Rich Nasser,  Project Manager -


120+ high quality videos. 14+ hours of video content. See Mike speak with you, as if you're at his live seminars. 


Worksheets, articles, templates, downloadable audio podcast versions of all videos, and a full project management glossary.


Q&A with Mike. Continuous one-to-one support from an expert, allows you to ask questions, get feedback, and relate your learning to your real-world project.

Enrol now with our 14-day money-back guarantee, to start learning immediately

So, Now is the Time to Take Your Next Step in Project Management

This course is designed to be practical.

At the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Define your project with confidence
  • Set up your project timeline with suitable checks along the way
  • Build an effective business case and use it to win support
  • Apply a structured and repeatable planning process
  • Engage and win the support of your stakeholders
  • Organise and lead your team
  • Set-up robust and effective project governance
  • Use powerful project planning tools like Gantt and Network charts, Work, Cost, and Organizational Breakdown Structures, and RACI charts.
  • Anticipate and manage project risks
  • Monitor and control your projects
  • Carry out essential governance processes like reporting and change control
  • Use Earned Value Management (EVM) and handle project crises
  • Close your project down in an orderly fashion
  • Which will give you success and make you more promotable!

This course is designed for you if you:

  • ...are committed to making your next project the successful foundation of a long-term project management career. 
  • ...have some experience, but need a refresher on the basics and new knowledge to stretch you further.
  • ...need to manage your first large project and you know it'll be high profile, so you have to do it well
  • ...have managed projects without training and are ready to learn the principles that underpin the project management 
  • ...took one of our smaller core courses and want more
Project Manager's Immersion Program

In this course, you’ll get 16 hours of Project Management learning, going deep into the craft of Project Management. 

So you’ll be able to set up and run your next project with confidence that you'll have it under control…

And your team will do their work well.

PMImP Video sample

Clear explanations with simple diagrams

If this sounds like you, and if you are ready to start succeeding as a Project Manager, enrol now by clicking the button.

Enrol now with our 14-day money-back guarantee, to start learning immediately

By the end of this course, you’ll have transformed your ability to get results.

You will learn lots and benefit massively.

If you are considering buying this course... Do it! You will learn lots and benefit massively.

Before joining this course, I only learned about project management through work experience. As a result of taking this course, I have a better understanding of how things should work. And I like the ability to learn at my own pace. I'd recommend this course to any of my friends who want to also get into project management as it will help them to get to the next level.

Chelena Peart ... OnlinePMCourses student

Very user friendly, accessible, and understandable

Very user friendly, accessible, and understandable in a way that some of the other PM education I have engaged in has not been. Less "jargony" and more practical.

It's given me new perspectives/understanding of familiar topic areas; information I can share in new ways with others I am training in PM skills

I'd recommend this course to anyone interested in learning PM skills whether they aspire to getting the PMP certification or not.

Karen Kinsman ... Dir/Sr. Program Manager

One of 'The 6 Best Online Project Management Courses'

This course has Dr. Mike Clayton, project management author, as the instructor who is in the course to answer any questions you may have. The course is made up of 13 hours of video content and 50 ready-to-use templates which takes you through every process, skill, and technique needed for project management.

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Here's what you'll get...

Section 1: Before you Start
Instructions, Meet your Instructor, Continuing Professional Development tools. (6 modules/1 video)

Section 2: What is Project Management
What Project Management is,and the Project lifecycle. (8 modules/5 videos)

Section 3: The Project Lifecycle
The Project lifecycle stages, and the Gateway Process. (9 modules/6 videos)

Section 4: Project Definition Stage
Scope, deliverables, purpose, objectives and kick-off. (16 modules/11 videos)

Section 5: Business Case
Business Case preparation, Discounted cash-flows and Benefits management. (9 modules/4 videos)

Section 6: Planning Basics
Book of the Plan/PID, Components of your Plan, H&S, Quality. (10 modules/5 videos)

Section 7: Stakeholder Engagement & Communication Planning
Process and tools for engaging and communicating with stakeholders. (19 modules/13 videos)

Section 8: Project Organization
Organization structure, Roles and Responsibilities, Governance. (12 modules/7 videos)

Section 9: Milestone Planning
Everything you need to know about milestones for planning, monitoring, and control. (10 modules/5 videos)

Section 10: Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and related tools
WBS, CBS, OBS, PBS and more. (11 modules/7 videos)

Section 11: Network Charts and Core Planning Concepts
Critical Path, Dependencies, Float, Lag, CPM and PERT. (11 modules/7 videos)

Section 12: Gantt Charts
Not just how to build and monitor with a Gantt Chart - how to make a plan so you deliver to schedule. (12 modules/6 videos)

Section 13: Resource Planning & Resource Management
RACI Charts, LRC, Work Packages and getting people to do what they say they will. (12 modules/7 videos)

Section 14: Project Team Leadership
The roles of a Project Leader, the Four Essentials of team leadership and more. (11 modules/7 videos)

Section 15: Risk Management
A deep Dive into a crucial topic. (20 modules/15 videos)

Section 16: Project Delivery Stage
Monitor, Control, Report, Control Change, Resilience, Earned Value, dealing with deadlines you might miss. (15 modules/11 videos)

Section 17: Project Closure Stage
Shutting your Project down and learning the lessons. (8 modules/4 videos)

Section 18: Additional Bonus Content
Introductions to Programs, Portfolios, Agile, PRINCE2, Software, and anything else I fancy adding later. (9 modules/6 videos)

Section 19: Before you Leave
Closing resources. (5 modules/2 videos)

But best of all...

You get personal support from your trainer, Dr Mike Clayton.

Each module has a comments box where you can ask the questions you need answered.

Your tutor is Dr. Mike Clayton. As a senior manager at international consulting firm, Deloitte, Mike had to lead project staff, colleagues, and clients day-to-day. But more important, as a senior representative of his firm and a program leader, he needed to get the very best from everyone around him.

Now, as a trainer and facilitator, he has been applying what he learned and teaching it to others. This course represents 15 years' experience of what tools students find most helpful, and 25 years experience in business, managing and leading individuals and teams.

  • Don't understand the content? Ask Mike.
  • You think something may be missing? Ask Mike.
  • Not sure how to apply the content to your situation? Ask Mike.
  • Want some tips and guidance for your project? Ask Mike

But note: the Q&A is not outsourced to some Fiverr pay-by-hour service.
It's me: Dr Mike Clayton. So there may be some delays to Q&A responses over the holiday periods!

Enrol now with our 14-day money-back guarantee, to start learning immediately

Your Trainer and Coach will be Dr Mike Clayton, founder of OnlinePMCourses

Dr Mike Clayton, Founder of

Mike is one of the most successful and in-demand project management trainers in the UK.

He is a prolific blogger, contributor to and Project (the journal of the Association for Project Management - APM), and author of 14 best-selling books, including five about project management.

Mike was a successful project leader, as a consulting Senior Manager with the London office of Deloitte, and has trained project managers in all sectors, including Government, small business, not-for-profits, and global corporations.

'Mike has successfully led and delivered many complex programmes – exceeding client expectations and building high performing teams wherever he goes. His continuing energy and enthusiasm to develop and learn, and to share his exciting ideas and insights so freely is a continual inspiration.'

- Rex Mackrill -

'The unique thing about the training from OnlinePMCourses is that you can interact with your trainer. This isn’t a study-in-isolation type programme, although of course you can do that if it suits your learning style. Mike is committed to giving you the support you need to make the course a success, so he has included a comments section in every module of the course. Ask your question and he’ll get back to you.'

- Elizabeth Harrin -

So, why should you invest in
The Project Manager's Immersion Program?

Because you will...

  • Plan and deliver your project confidence
  • Get more from your team, making your project more effective and efficient
  • Have anytime, anywhere convenience, so you can learn when, where, and how you want to.
  • Get training written and delivered by an experience Project Manager AND Trainer with nearly 20 years of training Project Managers, so you get reliable, pragmatic knowledge.
  • Learn easily and rapidly, so you can make a difference and get results right away.
    Solid knowledge and robust tools, so you can be seen as an effective and highly professional Project Manager.

This course will open up real career options for you: new opportunities, new roles, new responsibilities, and the chance of a better salary.

So, the question is, why wouldn't you invest in this program?

Get Instant Access to 
The Project Manager's Immersion Program

Enrol now and start your journey to become the professional Project Manager you know you can be.

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Dr Mike Clayton, Founder of

“Please don't make the three big mistakes, that I see people like you making again and again.

Mistake #1

Thinking that Project Management isn't for you. You aren't ready, it's too hard, there won't be any opportunities, or you need a live learning program to get started.

Nonsense: If you want it. If you need it. Go and get it. Get it here, or get it somewhere else, but get it NOW! If you don't, someone else will.

Mistake #2

Trying to cobble together your Project Management training on the cheap. There is a lot of good stuff on the web, for free. There is a lot on our website.

Too many people try to build a YouTube syllabus and get themselves totally confused and misled by conflicting advice, mismatched terminology, inconsistent approaches, and downright awful content.

Reality: If you want quality, you need to pay for it. The Time-Cost-Quality triangle is one of the core Project Management concepts (the module: Triple Constraint). If you want quality, and speed, you need to pay. If you want it cheap, you'll need to sacrifice either speed or quality... or both.

Mistake #3

Putting too much work into reinventing the Project Management wheel. A lot of Project Management is applied common sense.

So you could figure it all out if you needed to. But it would take time, and you would doubtless make many more mistakes along the way.

Efficiency: Why waste your precious time figuring out detailed processes, creating useful tools, and learning valuable tips for yourself, when you can tap into many years of training, learning and experience.

14-Day No Questions Asked
Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your first session, you can claim the full purchase price back. Test out the checklists, put them into practice, and ask questions. If you don't get what you need... Just ask for your money back.

OnlinePMCourses 100% Money Back Guarantee

"This isn't just a consumer protection guarantee. You have that. This is my personal guarantee. I am building a business to last, and I'd rather give you back your money if my products don't meet your expectations, than have you unhappy in any way."

Mike Clayton Signature


The Project Manager's Immersion Program will boost your project career.

It will give you the confidence to take control of your projects, and teach you the skills and techniques to deliver your projects to schedule, on budget, and to the delight of your customers, and the pleasure of your bosses.

And it would be foolish to wait. As a Project Manager, you know that making progress and getting things done is paramount. There is no risk to you in taking action now. Our 100% 14-day Money-back Guarantee will see to that.

So all your risk is in delaying. If you want reliable, pragmatic knowledge that will get you results right away, enrol now.

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