Do you need to learn how to deliver your next Project successfully and delight your Customers?

How to Deliver a Successful Project
without Feeling on the Edge of Your Seat,
so You can impress Your Colleagues, Your Boss,
and Your Customers

Discover how quickly you can master the skills of
Project Management and be Ready to
Lead Your First Big Project.

Project Manager's Skills Mastery Program

The Project Manager's Skills Mastery Program

  • Learn easily and quickly, so you can make a rapid difference to your Project.
  • Be seen as an effective, skilled and highly professional Project Manager.
  • Open up real career options for new opportunities, new roles, new responsibilities, and a better salary.

Are You Finding  the Challenge of Successful Project Management Daunting?

Have you ever felt like no-one has really understood your potential as a Project Manager?

... and now, every day that passes, you feel like you are missing more opportunities?

Or are you faced with a Project Management challenge that is beyond anything you have taken on before now?

... and now you feel like you are fighting to take control of a Project that could be vital to your career?

Or do you need to improve your success rate, so you can deliver more of your Projects to schedule, on budget, and to the delight of your customers?

... and you feel like you are being judged unfairly. You need training, tools, and ideas: not reminders and criticism?

“You know you can succeed as a Project Manager.  
But you don't have the perspective to be confident to know how.  I know. I have been there.”

I see this a lot.

It's not just you.

We know that Project Management is largely the application of common sense. So we assume it's easy. Our organizations don't give us the training we need, and we hope that someone will give us ou first opportunity to prove ourselves. 

And then we expect to deliver our first Project with ease.

Until you discover otherwise...

Dr Mike Clayton, Project Manager and Trainer

"What I discovered is how to explain Project Management in a clear, step-by-step way"

Your training will be easy to understand and highly practical, so you can demonstrate you understanding easily, apply your knowledge effectively, and get results quickly.

By choosing The Project Manager's Skills Mastery Program, you’ll get the following benefits:

Easy to Use

Our online training is easy to use. You can access it where and when you want it.

You just need a browser, and you can start today.

Rapid Results

You will get instant 'aha moments' and ready-to-use tools and templates, today.

This means you can deliver real-world Project results tomorrow.


No travel, no lost work, no hotel fees, no subsistence. No other materials to buy.

It's all here in one package. Pay once: access for life.

So how would you feel to be on the inside of Project Management?

"My Skills Mastery Program will give you all the fundamentals you need.
It is my best-selling two-day live program... for a fifth of the price"

How will you feel when you are able to deploy all the right tools at the right time?

You'll see positive results almost immediately, as you apply what you are learning. You'll rapidly gain control over your Project and start planning effectively and delivering to schedule.

And that means you'll quickly get the admiration of your colleagues, your customers or clients, and of your boss.​

And if you have questions, you can just ask me - there is interactive Q&A built into all of our programs. So you can get clarification about what you are learning, and advice on how you can implement it on your projects.

With the advent of Online Professional Learning, Everything has Changed...

Old-style Classroom Training

"I know this training well. I have made a great living doing it. But it can't reach enough people."

  • You had to wait until HR commissioned a Project Management course.
  • Or you had to travel a long way to attend a public course.
  • You had to give up one, two, or more days to do the course, getting way behind on your work.
  • And you had to take notes so you could remember everything in a month's time.

Our New-style Online Training

"This is the future: convenient, economical, and effective. it works for organizations, and it works for you."

  • You can get the training that you need, today.
  • You can take modules when and where you want.
  • You can fit your courses around your work, your family, and your social life.
  • And you can repeat any part of the course, when you need it, and as often as you like.

I spent twelve years as a full time Project Manager at Deloitte Consulting. While I was there, I led teams of between 3 and 80 consultants, delivering complex change projects for multinational, large national, and Governmental clients in the UK and Europe.

But I wasn't always a successful Project Manager. For two years, I was constantly chasing that first opportunity. All my boss would say is 'you can't manage a project, until you get some training.' But there was no training. So I couldn't make progress or demonstrate my ability. That's why basic Project Management skills training is so important to me.

I built two training businesses and have delivered live training to several thousand project managers, becoming a much in-demand trainer and speaker. My seminars frequently have audiences of 100 or more.

But with live training, I can only reach a small number of people. I want to make my training available to  more people. And especially to those who, like you, may not have access to live training. Your organization may not be able to, or choose to, commission it. Your bosses may not put you forward. You don't have the time. I wanted to create easy to use, low cost, Project Management training that will give you rapid results.

I have written 13 print books for publishers like Pearson, Wiley and Macmillan. These include best-sellers like How to Manage a Great Project, Brilliant Project Leader, and Powerhouse, along with specialised Project Management titles like Risk Happens! and The Influence Agenda (about stakeholder engagement).

Mike Clayton's Books
Dr Mike Clayton PhD
Founder of OnlinePMCourses

What People say about
Mike Clayton's Project Management Courses

“Very useful. Many excellent strategies to help guide project managers.”

Rob Simpson, Basis (Registration) Ltd

“A great overall introduction to project management. I learnt a lot and have a lot I can start to implement tomorrow!”

Catherine Mendham, Content Consultants

“Very practical, very useful. Gives confidence in knowing what is important and what is not. Mike is a very engaging speaker.”

Louisa Davison, Secret Agent Marketing

“Excellent. Very useful. I have been able to identify what I do and relate theory and strategy to what I have learnt in project management.”

Zed Ali, Project BME Lancashire

“This did what it said on the box – a great deal of practical ideas for planning and managing tasks, along with understanding of key principles for successful delivery”

Andrea Duncan, PDP Co-ordinator – University of Northampton

“One of the best seminars I’ve attended in the last 17 years. Enjoyable practical and useful.
I would highly recommend this course”

Diane Massey – DSM Legal Solicitors

Why You Should Invest in
The Project Manager's Skills Mastery Program

Get a cup of coffee
and soak up this value...

  • Anytime, anywhere convenience, so you can learn when, where, and how you want to.
  • Training written and delivered by an experience Project Manager AND Trainer with nearly 20 years of training Project Managers, so you get reliable, pragmatic knowledge.
  • Learn easily and rapidly, so you can make a difference and get results right away.
  • Solid knowledge and robust tools, so you can be seen as an effective and highly professional Project Manager. 

This course will open up real career options for you: new opportunities, new roles, new responsibilities, and the chance of a better salary.

“But more than that, I want you to avoid the three big mistakes,
that I see people like you making again and again.”

Mistake #1

Thinking that Project Management isn't for you. 
You aren't ready, it's too hard, there won't be any opportunities, or you need a live learning program to get started.

Nonsense: If you want it. If you need it. Go and get it.
Get it here, or get it somewhere else, but get it NOW!
If you don't, someone else will.

Mistake #2

Trying to cobble together your Project Management training on the cheap. 
Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of good stuff on the web, for free. There is a lot on our website. But too many people try to build a YouTube syllabus and get themselves totally confused and misled by conflicting advice, mismatched terminology, inconsistent approaches, and downright awful content.

Reality: If you want quality, you need to pay for it. The Time-Cost-Quality triangle is one of the core Project Management concepts (the module: Triple Constraint). If you want quality, and speed, you need to pay. If you want it cheap, you'll need to sacrifice either speed or quality... or both.

Mistake #3

Putting too much work into reinventing the Project Management wheel. 
A lot of Project Management is applied common sense. So you could figure it all out if you needed to. But it would take time, and you would doubtless make many more mistakes along the way.

Efficiency: Why waste your precious time figuring out detailed processes, creating useful tools, and learning valuable tips for yourself, when you can tap into many years of training, learning and experience.

What You’ll Get...

Equivalent to 2 days of live training

This is right for you if you are serious about succeeding in your first significant Project .

  • Over 50 videos
  • 5.5 hours of video content
  • 7 hours of Project Management Education
  • Worth 7 PMI PDUs
  • Workbook and worksheets
  • 30+ Project Management templates
  • Online Q&A with Dr Mike Clayton

You will get all of this...

Section 1: Before you Start
Instructions, Meet your Instructor, Continuing Professional Development tools. (5 modules/1 video)

Section 2: Introduction to Project Management
What Project Management is,and the Project lifecycle. (6 modules/6 videos)

Section 3: Project Definition Stage
How to define your Project and build a business case. (8 modules/7 videos)

Section 4: Stakeholder Engagement
Process and tools. (8 modules/5 videos)

Section 5: Project Planning Stage
All the basic tools for planning your Project robustly. (24 modules/22 videos)

Section 6: Risk Management
Process and Tools. (8 modules/7 videos)

Section 7: Project Delivery Stage
Team Leadership and the three basic delivery-stage processes. (6 modules/5 videos)

Section 8: Project Closure Stage
Shutting your Project down and learning the lessons. (4 modules/3 videos)

Section 9: Before you Leave
Closing resources and bonuses. (7 modules/2 videos)

You can access your training on desktops, laptops, tablets, smart-phones, and web TV.
Watch, listen, or read in your office, workplace, home, cafe, bus, or train.
All of this will be available to you 24 x 7 - including midnight over the holidays!
But note: the Q&A is not outsourced to some Fiverr pay-by-hour service. It's me: Dr Mike Clayton. So there may be some delays to Q&A reponses over the holiday periods!
This makes for an easy to use package that will give you rapid results at a great price...

But wait... There are bonuses too:

  • ​All videos are downloadable (purchase option)
  • Downloadable Podcast versions of all lectures
  • 12 Project Management articles
  • CPD resources
  • Full Project Management Glossary 
  • There will be continuous updates, at no extra cost
  • When you have completed the course, we'll send you your Completion Certificate
  • ...and our 30-day, no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee.

So now it's time to take your next step in your Project Management career

The cost of all this, is just...
$197 / £147

Compare the costs:

  • Live training costs from $250 - $750 per day. This program is the equivalent of two-days' classroom training - 7 hours of video Project Management Education.
  • A project coach or mentor will charge you from $150 to $700 per hour.
  • Book me for a day in the UK for up to $3,000. Yes, my clients do pay that
  • ...and what is the true cost of discovering all of this material by piecing together YouTube videos, blog posts and articles online, with conflicting terminology, different systems, and variable reliability?

Price only $197 / £147

Payment Plan also available.

Or sign up for a monthly subscription for just  $22 / £17 per month.

Get Instant Access to
The Project Manager's Skills Mastery Program

Enrol now and start your journey to become the professional Project Manager you know you can be.

If it's not for you right now, and all you need is a far shorter introduction to Project Management...

30-Day No Questions Asked
Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your course, you can claim your full purchase price back. Do the whole course, put it into practice, and ask questions. If you don't get what you need... Just ask for your money back.

Our Easy-upgrade Promise

If you buy and enjoy any of our courses and later want to extend your learning, you will always be able to upgrade to a higher tier, with the full price you paid for your current tier discounted from the current price of the higher tier program.

Please note: We may not be able to repeat offers and discounts on the higher tier programs that were available at the time of original purchase.​

"This isn't just a consumer protection guarantee. You have that. This is my personal guarantee. I am building a business to last, and I'd rather give you back your money if my courses don't meet your expectations, than have you unhappy in any way."

Mike Clayton Signature

* No questions asked...
Well, we'll ask, because we'd truly like to know why you aren't happy with the Project Manager's Skills Mastery Program. But, no answer required; just requested.


The Project Manager's Skills Mastery Program will boost your project career.

It will give you the confidence to take control of your projects, and teach you the skills and techniques to deliver your projects to schedule, on budget, and to the delight of your customers, and the pleasure of your bosses.

And it would be foolish to wait. As a Project manager, you know that making progress and getting things done is paramount. There is no risk to you in taking action now. Our 100% 30-day Money-back Guarantee will see to that.

So all your risk is in delaying. If you want reliable, pragmatic knowledge that will get you results right away, enrol now.

Get Instant Access to
The Project Manager's Skills Mastery Program

Enrol now and start your journey to become the professional Project Manager you know you can be.

If it's not for you right now, and all you need is a far shorter introduction to Project Management...


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