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The Best Project Management Blogs for 2019

Best Project Management Blogs 2019

When we did our roundup of the 50 best Project Management Blogs in 2017 it quickly became one of our most popular posts. You folks do like reading about project management!

And that’s great. But shift happens. Things change. So, it’s time to refresh our list and put up a new one, in good time for 2019.

So, here then is our list of the 52 best Project Management Blogs for 2019.

Yup, that’s right: it’s inflation. Not 50, but 52. One per week!

Be aware that there are a lot of good sites that primarily host podcasts these days. Most of them already appear in our Comprehensive list of [22] Project Management Podcasts. Others will doubtless feature in the update next year.

How do People Consume Project Management Blogs?

Best Project Management Blogs 2019I’m moved to ask this question after a conversation with my friend, Ron Rosenhead, whose blog I feature below. We were musing on this because Ron has paused his blogging and is rethinking his strategy. I shan’t speak for Ron (his Twitter feed offers plenty of evidence that he can do so for himself). Here’s my view, though…

I think the days of people reading lots of articles properly are gone (if they were ever with us). It seems to me that the blogs that thrive will offer something specific. Their authors will know who their audience is, and will write directly for them.

So, for example:

  • I write for new and intermediate level project managers who want to learn more about the discipline. They want solid knowledge, in depth, and with resources that they can apply.
  • Others offer commentary for advanced project managers, who want something meaty to think about – Matthew Squair (below) is a good example.
  • And another group offer commentary and critique that challenges lazy thinking. None is better at this than Glen Alleman (below).

There are plenty of other examples I could give. But many of the blogs I have just dropped from my earlier list seem to offer thin gruel for anyone who may be taking it. It’s as if they feel a blog is necessary to support their business or their status. But they have little original to say, nor the inclination to write in depth about something that matters to them or their readers.

None of the blogs I have listed fits that description.

Churn in the Project Management Blogging World

Other blogs have fallen off my list for altogether better reasons: their owners have stopped maintaining them. And often that’s because they have moved their focus to other interests. However, beyond my 52, I have six from last time, under the heading of Version Control.  I wanted to discuss why they lost their slots.

Categories of Project Management Blog

So, it’s time to see my best project management blogs for 2019. I have divided them into:

Best Project Management Blogs 2019

Best Project Management Multi-blog sites and roundups

The Practising IT Project Manager

Want to read some of the best content of the week, but don’t want to do the browsing yourself. Then hit up Dave Gordon’s weekly round-up and let him find the best of the week for you. It’s apparently targeted at IT PM, but the sections on Managing Projects, Applied Leadership, and Business Acumen speak clearly to PMI’s Talent Triangle.

Declaration: Dave often features my articles and videos, but that’s his choice. So, thank you Dave. Keep up the Good Work!

This one is a MUST READ.

This is the Mother of all Multi-blog sites. is the PMI’s [LINK-video] community site and the vast number of blogs its members publish here will keep any reader busy. It also offers a huge resource bank. As far as I can tell, there’s no quality control on the articles, but the writers are all professional project managers who are passionate enough about our craft to give up their time to share their thoughts. Many of the people in my list write here too.

So, this must definitely be a MUST READ.

The Association for Project management (APM)

The UK’s Association for Project Management also has a thriving blog, with posts its own staff and its members. They vary from APM-centred content, to clearly promotional content (largely from services and training providers) to some of the best UK project management thinking.

Declaration: I have a regular article for the APM’s journal, Project, so my articles appear here too.

This one is a MUST READ.

PM Hut

The Project Management Hut is a venerable old site full of excellent project management blogs from practitioners who enjoy writing but choose not to build their own platform. Some of the articles are extraordinarily comprehensive. Their individual ‘Huts’ offer coherent sequences of articles that often form a great basis for developing your learning.

Project Times

This is a cluttered, crowded, advertising-funded site that collates a lot of very good articles. I think you’ll find some of them elsewhere (they seem familiar, but I’ve not checked) and you may hate the volume of ads. But you will find a lot of good content here.


The MPUG site describes itself as ‘Where Project Managers and Microsoft Meet’. Their articles feature a range of impressive writers – some of whom appear on this list in their own right. If you like it, bookmark it. Finding this articles list on their current navigation is not easy.

PM World 360

This is a magazine site that seems to make its money through site adverts and affiliate links. But if you can put up with the constant pop-ups and flashing adverts, there’s a mixed stream of content from a range of contributors.

Best Project Management Blogs 2019

Best General Project Management Blogs: Mostly Information and Ideas


This is the category we put our own articles into. Ours are often comprehensive how-to articles and in-depth studies of a key Project Management idea. They often run at 2-3,000 words and are a great resource for new and intermediate project managers.

This one is a MUST READ.

A Girl’s Guide to Project Management

Elizabeth Harrin is a Project Management phenomenon. She’s an active working project manager, a prolific blogger, she runs the best PM Facebook group out there (far better than mine, I have to say), and she’s a mum of a young family. And her articles are an eclectic mix of topics aimed at a broad cross-section of the community. They are often in depth and always worth a read.

Declaration: I like to think of Elizabeth as a PM Community friend, and she is an OnlinePMCourses affiliate.

This one is a MUST READ.

Herding Cats

Herding Cats is a venerable old blog from PM veteran Glen Alleman. Along with Elizabeth’s blog (above), it’s one of only two I get in my email inbox. Come here for two things: thought-provoking quotes (sometimes with Glen’s commentary – often without) and trenchant, rigorous, well-informed, and in-depth analysis of issues relating mostly to large-scale projects. This is mainly for experienced PMs and you should avoid it if you drank the Agile cool-aid and accept some of its assertions uncritically. Glen does not. He applies the forensic analysis of a committed professional to most of his topics.

Declaration: I like to think of Glen as a PM Community friend.

This one is a MUST READ.

Critical Uncertainties

Project risk, security, safety… If these are your interests, then Matthew Squair’s Critical Uncertainties blog is for you. Intellectually solid, these are often demanding reads aimed at committed professionals. But they repay study.

Declaration: To my shame, I missed Matthew from my earlier roundup in 2017. No excuses from me: it was a failure. Especially as…

This one is a MUST READ.

The Clever PM

The Clever PM doesn’t share his name (though he does use ‘he’). His articles are short and insightful. Often they offer valuable tips. I like the eclecticism (he has a word cloud on the home page that shows Influence, Leadership, Organization, Culture and Agile as leading topics on the day I looked. This is a personal favorite.

Project Bliss

I really like Leigh Espy’s How to articles. They tackle very specific tasks and tools and are full of good information. They are a great resource for learning new techniques.

Pro Project Manager

ProProjectManager is the site of freelance PM writer, Deb Schaffer. It’s well organised with loads of good articles – as you’d expect or a freelance writer-for-hire. My only critique is that she seems to save her best for paying clients – her how-to articles are good, but seem little more than outlines. But, for the basics… she’s good.

Easy in Theory, Difficult in Practice

What’s not to love about Kiron Bondale’s blog: ‘Easy in Theory, Difficult in Practice’? Here’s a PM blogger who understands Agile and writes about it a lot these days. But he doesn’t confine himself. His articles are always interesting and thought-provoking. They are sometimes quite surprising.

Susanne Madsen

British Project Management consultant Susanne Madsen writes with real authority and focuses on leadership-related PM topics. Many of her articles are in-depth and an intermediate or even experienced Project Manager can learn a lot from her content. Why have I not met Susanne, I wonder.

Brad Egeland

Brad Egeland is the self-proclaimed ‘#1 provider of project management content’. He is certainly prolific – his content is on many sites as well as his own. The articles on his own blog often act as signposts for his paid content elsewhere. But there is no doubt that his content is well crafted, short, and on-point.

Scholar 99

Ravi set this site up to educate new project managers. So its articles contain a lot of excellent basic content. Ideal for PM learners and most closely competes with our content. Grrrr.

Project Risk Coach

Short, actionable tips on all aspects of Project Management (not just risk) from Harry Hall. These most obviously serve newer project managers.

Camel Blog

Lindsay Scott of Arras People maintains the Camel blog. She writes a lot of its articles for contractors and people in the job market, but there is also a lot of good content for learning about the industry and your craft.

Declaration: I like to think of Lindsay as a PM Community friend.

PM Student

At PM Student, Margaret Meloni fills her posts with sound advice for new project managers (as the site’s name suggests!)

Best Project Management Blogs 2019

Best General Project Management Blogs: Mostly Musings and Tips

Musings on Project Management

We have to start with John Goodpasture’s evergreen blog, not least because it is the epitome of Musings on Project Management… That’s its title. I seem to have been reading this blog forever, so I was surprised to see his archive only goes back to 2009. I’m sure I’ve been looking at it since near the start f the century! Anyway, many of his musings are on Agile these days, but there is something here for everybody: deep wisdom for PMs of experience, and nice ideas for newer practitioners.

This one is a MUST READ.

Elise Stevens

Elise Stevens titles her website ‘Fix My Project Chaos’ and it hosts one of the best Project Management podcasts out there (I’ve been her guest, twice). But she also posts a lot of articles too, many of which celebrate and serve women in project management. This will give you perspectives on your role that you won’t getelsewhere, along with great insights about stakeholder engagement.

Declaration: I like to think of Elise as a PM Community friend.

This one is a MUST READ.

Ron Rosenhead

This one nearly dropped off the list, as Ron hasn’t posted properly since May 2018. But Ron is a close friend so I picked up the phone. It turns out he’s rethinking what he does with his blog for 2019 and he has an idea that I find very compelling. So, for now, it’s a great archive of Ron’s short observations and insights going back 12 years. I hope in early 2019, it will be much more.

The Lazy Project Manager

The Lazy Project Manager blog offers original musings from one of the industry’s more authentic voices. Peter Taylor’s books and blogs are often amusing as well as thought-provoking. He specialises in PMO’s and constructive laziness: the former with considerable rigor and the latter with a wry eye. He’s less active now he’s back running a PMO than when he was a full-time professional speaker, but not a lot so.

Tony Adams, Project Manager

I discovered Tony Adams’ blog while researching this article. I like the clarity of his thinking. Most of his articles offer his thoughts on a topic, and will make you think for yourself. A good find.

Grumpy Manager

Michael Doherty has recently started a blog that I like. It is aimed at intermediate to advanced PMs who have all of the tools but are struggling in one area. Each article is short, to distil the answer down to the key essentials. It’s one to watch.

Stepping into Project Management

This is the real thing; a blog that does what blogs were supposed to do. A web log of someone’s experiences. Here it’s Soma Bhattacharya stepping first into Project  Management and then into Agile and now, still writing about her experiences.

Best Project Management Blogs 2019

Best Project Management Blogs about Agile and Agile Methods

Let’s start with the community blog on the website. They offer some of the industry-leading certifications, like PSM and PSPO. A wide variety of authors offer you some really meaty content.

This one is a MUST READ.

Managed Agile

At Managed Agile, prominent AgilePM author, Chuck Cobb, offers Agile Project Management blogs that are frequently detailed and thoughtful. He is also one of the most accomplished online video trainers in the Agile Project Management space.

Declaration: I like to think of Chuck as a PM Community friend, and we recommend (and are an affiliate for) Chuck’s excellent Agile Project Management courses.

Age of Product

Stefan Wolpers gets deep into Agile, and Scrum in particular. There’s a vast amount of content, including lots of webinars. I find Stefan’s site a little hard to navigate, but then I am not its target audience, so that may not be a fair critique.

Toby Elwin

It’s an Agile world, says Toby Elwin’s home page. And his blog covers Agile in short, clear ideas. But he also talks about topics of wider project management interest. This one was new to me and, though no Agilst, I like it.

Best Project Management Blogs 2019

Best Project Management Blogs Specialising in PMOs

Bill Dow, PMP

Bill Dow writes on a variety of project management topics that are middling in length and depth and, I suspect, aimed at intermediate tier project and program managers. He’s written a lot about PMOs and, since so few have, that’s why I’ve placed him here. But there’s more to Bill’s blog so take a look.

Growth Through Knowledge

How can you not love the name of this site? If you are interested in PMO, do check out the posts on this site. It’s still in its early days, but the articles are interesting, so it’s one to watch.

Best Project Management Blogs 2019

Best IT Project Management Blogs

First a declaration. I’m not an IT person. I can use my computer well enough and have led projects with a high IT component. But it’s not my expertise. So, I may well be missing a few really good ITPM blogs here. So, do let me know in the comments, so I can fix it.

Software Project Management

Pawel Brodzinski’s somewhat infrequent Software Project Management blog repays careful reading with long articles written primarily for software project managers working with Agile methods. But his breadth of knowledge and consideration of ideas makes his project management blogs a worthwhile read for any serious project manager.


Techwell is a training vendor and their site collates short insight and opinion pieces from a wide range of authors. They cover all aspects of IT Project Management, including Agile.

Best Project Management Blogs from PM Consultants and Software Vendors hides its articles on its resources page behind its excellent videos – mostly by the charismatic Jennifer Bridges. Jennifer also writes some of the articles too. Their articles are middling-length and tackle their topics in detail. I do know they invest heavily in their content and it shows. This is my favorite blog from a vendor.

Declaration: I do write for from time to time. But I also enjoy content from their other writers.

This one is a MUST READ.


This blog has huge value. Its articles are thorough, actionable, and a pleasure to read. Here’s a software vendor that’s doing it right and offering really good content to its community.

This one is a MUST READ.


Wrike’s Project Management blog is highly promotional, but they give you so much good value that I cannot begrudge them some bragging. The articles are exceptionally well-written and have some valuable content for new and intermediate project managers. So close but not quite a ‘must read’.

Team Gantt

Team Gantt offers some crazy good articles that will help experienced Project Managers sharpen your practice as well as briefing newer PMs on aspects of planning and managing projects. If only the quality were consistent, it could gain a ‘must read’ label. Some articles seem rather thin and watery.


ProProfs offers an active blog. A lot of their content has a higher level of promotion for their product than I like, but I cannot deny the usefulness of some of their content for newer project managers. They also do some nice ‘expert roundup’ articles where they canvas views from the industry on topics like meeting deadlines and challenges we face.

Declaration: I have contributed to some of their expert views pieces.

PMIS Consulting

PMIS (Yup, careful…) is a Project Management training business. And Kevin Lonnergan’s articles represent it very well. They are not promotional and are, instead, long and informative. However, they aren’t frequent (just 6 in 2017 and 3 in 2018). Quality over quantity, I suppose, but this blog may fall off the list next time.

PM Solutions

Mostly short-sharp comments from practitioners within the PMSolutions consulting firm.  They give off little love of writing and blogging, but do sometimes offer a valuable nugget of information.


Nuvro claims their collaboration tool offers really simple project management. And their articles back this up. Great content on project basics, in an easy to digest format.


This blog from collaborative PM solution provider Proggio. I like the style of their articles, although you will find them a real mix. Some are short and over-simplistic, with no real meat on the information bones. Others will make you really think. Only a very few are direct plugs for their software. The best of their articles are always well worth reading.


The Clarizen blog focuses on project management practices rather than hard skills, but it’s none the worse for that. The articles are short, clearly written, and frequently contain good nuggets for intermediate-experienced PMs. There are subtle links to solutions from their cloud-based software.


Cheetah Learning commissions a range of interesting short articles. Many from excellent PM writer, Brad Egeland.


TenSix Consulting offers a variety of interesting articles on the basics of project management, alongside others that go into the technical end of Primavera P6, Microsoft Project and the other solutions they implement.


Here’s another software vendor that produces solid articles aimed at newer project managers. They cover all sorts of hard and soft PM topics, giving good, clear information.


The IIL Blog has some really excellent articles from The International Institute of Learning (IIL) – a consulting and training business that does not push its business down your throat. In fact, I couldn’t find a link to their main site from the blog! IIL is the promotor of International Project Management Day on the first Thursday in November.

Best Project Management Blogs: Worthy mentions

These are blogs that others have recommended to me. So, they clearly have their fans. But, in all honesty… I can’t recommend them myself. So, do take a look at them, and let me know what I am missing. They will take me from 50 to 52.


Psoda is a cloud-based P3 solution and their blog covers a range of topics. They are worth a look if you want a short nugget, but they are definately PM fast food, offering little nutrition. But really, who came up with that name?

Liquid Planner

Liquid Planner is a project management software and their blog offers a wide variety of voices from both within the company and the wider world of project management. This includes authors of a number of established project management blogs, listed here.

Version Control

As a good project manager, you’d expect me to track some of the blogs that have dropped off our list since 2017.

Back from Red

Todd William’s Back From Red blog seems in abeyance. There have been no articles in over a year. But, the archive is well worth a look.
Declaration: Todd sent me a copy of his book, ‘Filling Execution Gaps’ to review. It is truly excellent. I haven’t done the review because there was too much to say and I kept putting it off. Shame on me. Just buy it!

Better Projects

These short musings from Agilist, Craig Brown often hold nuggets of insight and sometimes of humor. Or should I say ‘held’. Only three posts in 2018.

Deep Fried Brain

If you are looking for a PMI PMP qualification, Harwinder Singh has oodles of great content. And if you’re not, you may still find some helpful introductory to intermediate tips. But I no longer place this on the main list because it’s little more than a PMP study site now.

The Program Manager’s Blog

In our 2017 roundup, I said this about The Program Manager’s Blog: ‘A huge jumble of contributed posts makes this a great resource, but not a comfortable place to read. There’s a lot of good stuff here, but the interface is very poor.’ Nothing seems to have changed.

Pmtips (dot) net

In our 2017 roundup, I said this about PM Tips: ‘It isn’t clear who or what is behind this blog, but it looks like a collection of decent (contributed) articles that is supported by advertising. There are a lot of articles by Elizabeth Harrin (Girl’s Guide, above), so read it for that reason if no other.’ This year, when I clicked on the link I got all manner of messages from my browser that scared me right off. It seems to work fine with anonymous browsing and the articles look good, but I simply cannot recommend any site that throws up this message: ‘Safari wants to export key “privateKey” from your keychain.’ Sorry PMTips, but that’s not good.

What do You Think?

Add your own nominations in the comments and let other readers try them out. Self-nomination is fine – some of the blogs above were self-nominations from our 2017 list.

About the Author Mike Clayton

Dr Mike Clayton is one of the most successful and in-demand project management trainers in the UK. He is author of 14 best-selling books, including four about project management. He is also a prolific blogger and contributor to and Project, the journal of the Association for Project Management. Between 1990 and 2002, Mike was a successful project manager, leading large project teams and delivering complex projects. In 2016, Mike launched OnlinePMCourses.

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