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The Project Lifecycle and Four Essential Stages

Projects have a familiar lifecycle that gives you a framework to understand, plan, and deliver them. So this video will introduce you to the Project Lifecycle, and the four essential stages. Dr Mike Clayton, founder of OnlinePMCourses, explains what those four project stages are, and why they should be familiar to you. If you are […]

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The Essential Guide to Robust Project Decision Making

Robust Project Decision Making

One of the challenges a new Project Manager faces is project decision making. It is easy to find the constant stream of small decisions overwhelming. But there’s more to it than that. Some decisions are big, and getting them right is a matter of good governance. The Twin Challenges of Project Decision Making And so […]

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Power Bases in Projects: Do You Have the Power?

Power Bases in Projects

Social power is the ability to influence other people. And Project Managers need to influence your stakeholders. So an understanding of Power Bases in projects is a valuable tool for your kit-bag.

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How to Make Your Next Kick-off Meeting a Huge Success

Great Big Guide to a Fabulous Project Kick-off Meeting

It’s the start of your Project. A great way to set the tone – and to get work done – is to host a Kick-off Meeting. A Project Kick-off Meeting is one of those things that is easy to do… and hard to do well. On the face of it, all you need to do […]

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Hear Risk Management Explained on this short Podcast

OnlinePMCourses Risk Management Explained Podcast

I was pleased to do an interview recently, for the Project Management Paradise Podcast. It was called Risk Management Explained. You can hear the interview on their page. And do also browse some other excellent interviews, at Project Management Paradise Podcast. I certainly shall.

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Project Scope: What you need to Know

How to Define Your Project Scope

Project Scope is simple in concept; but hard in practice. It is a measure of the breadth and depth of your project. Put another way, it is everything you need to do. We call the process of defining the scope of your project, ‘scoping your project’. Scoping your Project is Hard Come to think of […]

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Use Kurt Lewin’s Freeze Phases to Guide Change

Use Kurt Lewin's Freeze Phases to Guide Change

Kurt Lewin’s Freeze Phases is one of those models that every change agent and Project Manager should be aware of. Three Steps on the Journey of Change Change is never-ending. Furthermore, it is a necessary part of Project Management. Yet managing it effectively is one of the principal challenges for organisations and their managers. So what […]

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Take Control with John Boyd’s OODA Loop

Take Control with John Boyds OODA Loop

John Boyd’s OODA Loop deserves to be better known than it is. It is a simple and powerful model of the decision-making cycle. Consequently, Project Managers, Change Managers, and Risk Managers can apply it in a broad range of situations. Likewise, it is also a useful model for time management, personal effectiveness, conflict, coaching, influence, and many […]

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How I Kept My Boss Happy Without Working Hard At It

The Easy Way to Keep My Boss Happy - especially for Project Managers

There are many questions and concerns that new Project Managers have come to me with over the years. Some of them are highly technical and can stretch my Project Management experience. But my favourite ones are those which aren’t really Project Management problems at all. They are general management or workplace problems, for which Project […]

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