13 July, 2021

Astonish Your Stakeholders… with a Stakeholder Listening Plan | Video

You’re familiar, I’m sure, with the idea of a Stakeholder Communication Plan. This is often a schedule of activities designed to get your project message out. But it can easily miss out something vital… Why not create a Stakeholder Listening Plan?

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Stakeholder Listening Plan

Give your stakeholders a good listening to. It can give your project a real boost. When you have a deep understanding of stakeholders’ perspectives, you will inspire far greater levels of confidence.

List all your stakeholders and set out time to listen to each of them in turn. It’s an exercise I have recently carried out on a client project. And it is a fabulous experience. And not a few of them told me how much they had enjoyed and valued the experience.

Give the gift of ears!

(Okay, that’s a pretty corny slogan. But it holds a deep truth.)

And it also shows great confidence

Only a leader with confidence is willing to open yourself up to influence. So, making a commitment to listen to your stakeholders is a powerful act of leadership.

So, if you want to try doing one thing different, how about this? Make hearing what your stakeholders have to say, a priority.

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