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PMTQ: PMI’s Vision for the Future of Project Management
The PMI has just released a report on the Future of Work, based on its 11th Pulse of the Profession[...]
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Building an Online Business: Project Management Lessons
There are many articles on the web about building an online business. But they don't look at the project management[...]
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The Cone of Uncertainty is a helpful way to understand the evolution of your project. So, What is the Cone[...]
The PMI’s Agile Practice Guide: What You Need to Know
In September 2017, the PMI produced the sixth edition of its Project Management Body of Knowledge, the PMBOK Guide. And,[...]
What is Business Acumen? | Video
You know you need it, if you want to be a fully-rounded project manager. But maybe you aren't quit sure[...]
Project Implementation: Your Guide to What it Involves
Project Implementation - also known as project delivery or execution - is where the rubber hits the road. After all[...]
What is Value Engineering? | Video
As a Project Manager, you will one-day find yourself in a meeting when someone makes the suggestion: 'I think we[...]
High Profile Projects: How to Lead a Project with a Massive Public Profile
High profile projects carry more risk than those that get less attention. It is not that things are more likely[...]